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these are the first ‘apps’ with Catalyst

One of the main novelties of macOS Catalina is Catalyst, a new technology that allows third-party developers carry, with relative ease, applications from iPad to Mac.

This project, in fact, was already part of High Sierra, but Apple limited its use to certain system applications (such as News or Stock Market). Now, with Catalina, said development goes It has been open to anyone who wishes to use it, which has been very welcome by multiple companies of software, which can now simplify engineering processes and, almost effortlessly, bring their products to a greater number of people.

The following applications are fruit of these new technologies developed by Apple. All of them have been ported from iPadOS to the Mac through Catalyst, and offer a brief sample of how this new path works between Apple's platforms.

Planny 3

According to its description in the Mac App Store:

Planny is your new friend who helps you be more productive. Planny has learned everything important from the most common list applications but combines them with intelligence. In the morning and during the day, Planny intelligently recommends tasks and at the same time, reminds you if you tend to forget them. You earn points for your productivity and for adding and completing tasks, but you can also lose them if you cancel or forget them. Users can compare their productivity with friends during the week.


According to its description in the Mac App Store:

Allegory is a powerful note application with an impeccable interface adapted to macOS. Its minimalist writing experience, combined with a series of powerful features makes it the ideal choice for all types of users. Allegory eliminates the complexity of many Markdown editors, presenting an accessible interface in which both casual writers and more experienced authors will feel comfortable. This makes it a very easy App to master regardless of your experience or skill.


According to its description in the Mac App Store:

Jira software users are more productive when they can move through the tool quickly and efficiently. With a faster response than ever, the app has been designed with simplicity and simplicity in mind. Finding and switching between projects has never been so fluid.

GoodNotes 5

According to its description in the Mac App Store:

Turn your iPad into a sheet of smart digital paper and a powerful document management system. Use the same features on your Mac as in the iPad version of GoodNotes and work on your documents whenever and wherever you want.

Carrot Weather

Carrot Weather is one of the applications to know the most popular weather forecast from the App Store. Now, thanks to Catalyst, it also reaches the Mac, where it retains its peculiar interface and most of its features.

In the coming days, several developers are expected to publish their corresponding applications for macOS based on Catalyst technology. Meanwhile, you can take a look at the extensive selection that Apple has published in the Mac App Store.

these are the first ‘apps’ with Catalyst
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