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There are already 77 different sports to train with your Apple Watch

The Apple Watch training app allows us to select dozens of different sports when training. Some workouts whose measurements based on our movement, heart rate and a series of specific algorithms, they allow us to control exactly not only the number of calories consumed, but many other specific data specific to each sport such as the number of steps or the pace during a race, the swimming styles we do and the number of lengths, the number of descents if we ski or even the slope at the time of trekking or climbing. Ah whatever very important to correctly select the type of training that we are going to perform.

Soccer, swimming, basketball, cycling … are general sports that we find as soon as we open the "training" application of the Apple Watch, but what happens if you practice another type of sport? Boxing, athletics, paddle sports, water polo or even horseback riding are other examples of sport included in watchOS but few know that they can be selected. If, as we practice any of the latter, we will teach you to select any type of sport within the Apple Watch training application.

How to select any sport in the Apple Watch training application

Time required:1 minute.

The Apple Watch sensors are perfect for keeping track of our workouts. If you are a sports lover who uses the Apple Watch, but you are not able to find the sport you practice from the training list, we tell you where it is and how to select it:

  1. Training Application

    In the Apple Watch click on the training application.

  2. We are looking to add training

    In the section where we choose the type of training that we are going to do, we move towards the bottom until we find the “Add Training” section.

  3. We select our sport

    A list of 77 different sports in alphabetical order will appear in this section so we can select the one we want available.

With each new version of watchOS, Apple adds and improves the readings of the different sports included in the training application Apple Watch Who knows if someone does not go very far, in addition to accounting and keeping statistics, he ends up becoming our personal trainer of grimaces. Time to time!!