The Google Play Store app receives Dark Mode

The Google Play Store app receives Dark Mode

Google continues to take steps so that its most important applications have the expected Dark Mode that allows them to adapt to what Android 10 offers. If yesterday it was Gmail that gave way, today it has been known that it is Play store which has begun to offer this option to users.

Therefore, what the Mountain View company said in its 2019 developer conference is being fulfilled: all applications will have this option, that the operating system itself active by default If it has the Dark Mode as the display mode. Of course, not all serious people are already receiving the new interface, and this happens for two reasons: it can only be used if you have Android 10 this is so, just for the moment – and, in addition, deployment is being gradual (since it depends on Google's own servers).

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The new aspect, as can be seen in the images that arrive from the source of the information, is not completely black, it is rather a dark gray very strong. The interface is not generally bad, but the green color that stands out in each of the chosen sections is too dull and does not differ especially well. This is something that should be changed. For everything else it adapts very well and, personally, I quite like how the colors of the icons of the applications and games with the dark background remain in the Play Store.

Dark mode in Play Store

Get Dark Mode right now in Play Store

Well this is something really complicated, because contrary to what we said yesterday in Gmail it all depends on what Google does on the servers. But, if you want to try and you have Android 10 installed, what should be clear is that the version of the app store has to be 16.6.25 or later (This can be achieved in this link if the update is not received automatically). The fact is that lately there are many changes in Play Store, since not long ago that the design and structure of the store was modified, and with great success everything must be said.

Play Store interface with Dark Mode

It is very clear that the bet Google by the Dark Mode is total and, therefore, it is not surprising that little by little it is an option in the applications offered for Android and that are widely used, such as Play Store. For when the update for Maps? This development, which is widely used in cars is sure to be greatly improved when this occurs.

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