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The expected Apple Watch goes on sale on April 24 – Digital Trends Espaol

the expected apple watch will go on sale April 24 power reserve save battery 1

After almost two hours of presentation, Apple President Tim Cook finally unveiled the details and prices of the expected Apple Watch, which can be pre-ordered from next April 10 and reach the faces of consumers two more weeks afternoon (April 24).

It will be marketed in three versions: The first will cost 349 dollars for the 38-millimeter and 399 dollars for the 42-millimeter watch, while the second sport version, made of steel, will have a base price from US $ 549 or US $ 599 ( depending on size) up to 1049 or 1099 dollars, depending on the belt chosen. The third, more expensive and luxurious, known as Apple Watch Edition, include an 18-carat gold body and Sapphire crystal, and its price starts at $ 10,000. The watches will be compatible only with the iOS operating system and It can be used in conjunction with iPhones (5 and 6), with new versions of iPads and Mac computers. Synchronizing them is easy and intuitive through its WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

They will be charged with a magnetic charger and the useful life of the battery will reach for about 10 hours of use.

The Apple Watch, will be operated by means of a knob or crown (crown) on the right side of the watch and that when turned, allow zooming on the cones that in turn will give access to the different mens and their multiple functions.

From the clock you can start or receive telephone conversations, chat with text, read emails, view and annotate events on the calendar, receive all kinds of notifications and search with Siri that answer only goes text.

All be highly personalized, from the option to choose between 2 million types of watch faces to the information we want to obtain from our physical or sports activity, which will be stored in the calendar to keep track of burned calories, number of steps and distances traveled.

During the event, a new 12-inch MacBook of Retina type screen was also presented, with the fifth generation of Intel processors, 13, 1 millimeters thick and 2 pounds (900 grams) in weight. It goes on sale today with a price of 1,299 dollars.

The Apple Watch is the first ?revolutionary? product launched under the administration of Cook, which as of 2011 replaced the late Steve Jobs.

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