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The best video cameras you can buy

It may not seem so relevant, in these times, to know what are the best video cameras, having in our pockets the most advanced smart phones. But the truth is that smartphones Today they take almost professional photographs, even filming videos in 4K. However, there are many video settings that these devices cannot make. In addition, on the other hand, the number of new video cameras that are released every year is decreasing and, as the options are reduced, we must admit that manufacturers strive to reinvent video cameras with more professional functions that are not They find in a smartphone.

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And s: most likely, a smart phone may be enough for you, but if you want to play with a "real" one, here we show you the best video cameras you can buy right now.

Choose the one you like the most and start recording everything!

General Summary

Make modelCategory
Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema 4KThe best video camera
Sony AX700The best 4K camcorder
Panasonic Lumix GH5SThe best for YouTube
Sony RX100 VIIThe best to travel
Canon Vixia HF R800The best for sports
GoPro Hero7 BlackThe best action camera


The best video camera

best video cameras blackmagic design pocket cinema camera 4k review 5 720x720

Why should you buy it? Because it offers professional cinema quality at an attractive price for enthusiasts

Who is it for? Student, aspiring and professional filmmakers.

Why do we choose the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K? This camera has the Micro Four Thirds system and uses a sensor very similar to the one found in the Panasonic GH5S mirrorless camera. But, in addition, it includes professional features such as ProRes and RAW video, which can be recorded on SD or CFast 2.0 cards with the option of going directly to an external SSD via USB.

The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k has a 5-inch Full HD screen, which is perhaps the best integrated monitor we have ever seen. It also has a very good and simple touch interface and advanced audio inputs and controls, which include both 3.5mm and mini-XLR.

Designed for professional movie workflows, the Pocket Cinema camera does not offer the comforts of a modern hybrid camera. Its autofocus is slow and often inaccurate, and there is nothing like automatic face focus or eye tracking in mirrorless cameras from Sony and Panasonic.

However, if you feel comfortable doing things manually, there really is nothing better than this option.

Sony AX700

The best 4K camcorder

best sony ax700 1 720x720 video cameras

Why should you buy it?Create excellent 4K images. It has a large one inch sensor and a bright zoom.

Who is it for?Those who are not afraid to spend cash to get great image quality.

Why do we choose the Sony AX700? This camera not only has a 14.2 mega pixel lens, but also has a one-inch sensor that allows greater light input than traditional video camera sensors that are 1/2 and 1/3 inch. It also provides great image quality as it records 4K at 30 frames per second and 100 megabits per second.

As if that were not enough, it has an aperture of f / 2.8-4.5 and a built-in neutral density filter that will help you keep the shutter speed low so that your video does not look like it is shaking from fear.

It is also important that you know that the sensor and the lens work with a 273-point phase detection autofocus, which allows you to perform smoother approaches and track a subject more precisely. The AX700 camera also gives you advanced features such as HDR, a super slow camera mode of 960 fps, S-Gamut and S-log color classification, among other things.

Physically, this camera offers a wide variety of accessories, including a multifunctional lens ring and dual SD card slot.

Panasonic Lumix GH5S

The best camera for YouTube

best panasonic gh5 review 14448 720x720 video cameras

Why should you buy it?A professional video camera in a fixed camera body.

Who is it for?Serious videographers who want the flexibility of multiple lenses and high quality 4K video

Why do we choose the Panasonic Lumix GH5S? Although today all video cameras offer quite good functions, most have a limitation and it is the continuous recording time that is regularly between 29 minutes and 59 seconds or less. However, the Panasonic Lumix GH5S does not have those limitations, since it can continue recording video until the memory card is full or the battery dies (which is equivalent to about 120 minutes of continuous recording).

The GH5S has the option of recording in 4K DCI cinema quality, at 4,096 x 2,160 pixels and an Ultra HD standard of 3,840 x 2,160. Best of all, both versions can be captured at 60 fps at 4K.

Because the GH5S only has a 10 megapixel sensor, it does not produce still photos of the highest quality, but it is considerably better in low light than the standard GH5 when it comes to video.

Sony RX100 VII

Best camcorder for travel

best video cameras sony rx100 vii lifestyle featured 720x720

Why should you buy it? Because it makes videos in 4K and for excellent auto focus in a compact package.

Who is it for? For the serious consumer who wants a solid video quality without spending a fortune.

(cc-place pid = "bkwEEJcyKT" type = "widget" align = "right" limit = "2") Excellent photo and video quality in a size suitable for travel. (/ cc-place)

Why do we choose the Sony RX100 VII? The seventh version of the Sony RX100, which defines its class, offers a host of advanced features for a compact camera.

The RX100 VII not only offers the most impressive set of video features of any compact camera, but also stands out in still photos, offering a unique device for all types of trips. It uses a 1-inch, 20-megapixel sensor (the same physical size as the previous AX700) combined with a fast Bionz X processor to get detailed images and fast performance.

The 24-200mm 8X zoom lens is not long compared to the camcorders on this list, but it is an impressive amount of range for a camera that can easily slide into a jacket pocket.

4K video can be recorded at 30 or 24 fps, Full HD 1080p up to 120 fps and slow sper camera up to 960 fps at lower resolutions. Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) and S-Log profiles are also included to capture a more dynamic range and create videos suitable for playback on HDR TVs.

In addition, what is new about Mark VII is Sony's Real Time Tracking technology and Real Time Eye AF focusing. It uses artificial intelligence to track moving subjects and keep them sharp, both in fixed and video mode. It also now has a microphone connector (finally) that allows you to connect external microphones for better audio quality. All these features mean that the RX100 VII is not cheap, but unlike traditional point-and-shoot cameras, it is designed to last and should look like an investment.

Canon Vixia HF R800

The best for sports


Why should you buy it?Because it has enough zoom to approach distant targets.

Who is it for?Consumers who want zoom and long recording times that they cannot find on a smart phone.

Why do we choose the Canon Vixia HF R800? The Canon Vixia HF R800 records 1080p HD at about 60 fps, which means it doesn't offer 4K recording or have a huge sensor. However, its best attraction focuses on its 32x zoom in the front that can also be expanded up to 57x using the advanced digital zoom option, hidden in manual settings.

It also offers a good dynamic image stabilization that controls the movement of the camera in three axes: fast or slow camera, slow camera sequence and time-lapse and Highlight Priority Mode or priority mode.

Physically, you may notice that the camera has a touch screen and stores videos on SD cards.


The best action camera

best gopro hero 7 black 720x720 video cameras

Why should you buy it? It offers great stabilization of image and video 4K / 60p.

Who is it for? Anyone who loves POV videos or who needs a camera small enough to fit anywhere.

Why do we choose the GoPro Hero7 Black? While GoPro is seeing more competition than ever, its new flagship camera maintains the advantage thanks to the incredible electronic image stabilization that is the best we've seen. The camera also has a new mode Timewarp, which creates smooth time periods similar to the Hyperlapse Instagram application.

Built around the same GP1 custom processor introduced in the Hero6, the Hero7 Black records 4K video at 60 frames per second or 1080p up to 240, for slow motion playback. The user interface, which was already one of our favorites, has been redesigned to make it easier to use. GoPro also added native live streaming, so users can share their adventures in real time with friends and fans around the world, something that previously requires third-party tools.

* Article updated on August 11, 2019 by Estefania Oliver.

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