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The best keyboards of 2019

Over the years, we have seen how computers and laptops have become fundamental work tools for users, to the point that the right choice of one or the other equipment can be decisive to be more or less productive.

The same can be transferred to keyboards, a peripheral that has specialized to become a decisive element in the purchase of new products, and that presents different shapes, sizes and styles depending on its purpose.

In fact, it is possible to choose between: wired or wireless ?, portable or with numeric keys ?, low profile keyboard or with thick keys ?, does it have to be mechanical? Do you want your keys to be lit, programmable and interchangeable?

Below we offer you a whole series of buying tips and the best models that we have found in the market, with important considerations that you should take into account when choosing yours.

Keyboard buying tips

Many of the considerations to take into account when buying a new keyboard are self-explanatory. Whether you prefer high or low profile keys, it is primarily a matter of preference, how bulky it is and the space it occupies on your desk or table.

You may also be interested in assessing the portable or compact mode, so that regardless of the area of ​​numeric keys you can save some space to the detriment of leaving aside a small benefit if you do not usually work with spreadsheets.

Another important aspect is if you want to physically connect it by cable or prefer the wireless mode. The latter gives you less clutter at your table, but it means you have to pay attention to your autonomy and not run out of batteries.

If you are looking for wireless connection, you should also consider if you want a Bluetooth keyboard that is compatible with Android and iOS, so that you can promptly use it next to your phone or tablet so that you can produce content.

Mechanical or membrane?

One of the first decisions to make when buying a new keyboard and perhaps the most important is the choice between the mechanical or membrane mode.

Membrane keyboards use a conductive plastic layer located below the keys that allows electrical contact to occur when pressed. On the other hand, mechanical keyboards use physical switches under each key that are activated when pressed.

In general, it is said that mechanical keyboards are more precise and responsive, and here there is no doubt about the fact that those who use high-quality Cherry MX mechanical switches are favorites.

The main disadvantages of these mechanical keyboards are that they are generally more expensive, are more bulky and generate a lot of noise when pressing each of its keys if we compare them to the membrane ones, something that does not favor its use in bedrooms or homes.

So, you see that mechanical keyboards are very popular among PC players or the world gaming, due to its superior responsiveness and the possibility they offer to customize the keys.

We also have an article on the best keyboards for designers that work with Lightroom, Photoshop, InDesign or Final Cut Pro applications, among others, with integrated controls and programmable macro functions.

They also allow you to manage the LED backlight, as well as define quick access keys, or assign customizable macros for more advanced games. They succeed where nanoseconds are key in response times to bring down your opponent.

The best keyboards of 2019

Logitech Craft

Logitech Craft

The Logitech Craft keyboard is among the lite if we take a look at the best wireless options on the market, providing a truly experience premium for both PC and Mac users.

Aesthetically it is elegant and the press of its keys, returns a flexible, consistent and precise response that you will rarely find, really feeling every press and avoiding errors in the keystrokes, as far as possible.

There are other aspects to highlight in the Logitech Craft, such as the fact that it is a backlit keyboard with something special: the keys light up only when they detect the presence of your hands. This helps to improve energy consumption and its duration.

But the high point of the Craft is in the upper left corner of the keyboard, where you will find a dial. What makes the dial impressive is that the controls it offers are contextual and change according to the application you are using at each moment.

You can adjust the brush size in Photoshop, edit a Word document or increase the volume in Spotify with the same dial. It is touch and swivel, and users can use Logitech options to create custom shortcuts.

In a market full of similar looking keyboards, Logitech Craft really offers something unique and differential, so if you usually work with applications of this type, it is worth the price you pay in return.

Hexgears Venture

Hexgears Venture

The Hexgears Venture has a simple objective: to be the best low profile mechanical keyboard in the world. With this premise, which is still ambitious, the Venture almost succeeds.

It uses Kailh Choc mechanical switches, with a choice of red (linear), brown (touch and soft) or white (clicky AF).

Our evaluation unit arrived with the blank screen printed keys, and although they make some noise, the use is satisfactory. The browns should work in quieter mode if you are concerned about the noise section in the office or home, while red is for the gamers.

And is that the Venture of Hexgears It is designed to offer you functionality both in game environments and productivity, all the same. In essence, it is compact and minimalist, although it seems to you that you have a striking and illuminated game board, configurable from the keyboard itself.

The low profile keys will make you feel like when you use a laptop with a traditional mechanism, ideal for anyone (like me) who loves mechanical keyboards but who is tired of strongly pounding models of few passes as is the case of the legendary IBM Model F.

It comes with rechargeable AA batteries, charged through USB-C. The battery life is variable: Hexgears states that it will last four weeks with two or three hours of use per day, but without the RGB lights activated. With them on, the estimate drops to 16 hours of use.

Of course, you can use it with cable while it is charging, or wirelessly via Bluetooth, with support for hot synchronization between four different devices.

Logitech MX Keys

Logitech MX Keys

If you are looking for something a little cheaper than the Logitech Craft keyboard, without compromising quality, the company offers you a somewhat cheaper alternative with the same sensations when pressing its keys.

The MX Keys is a full-size wireless keyboard with a typical key layout. It maintains the slightly cncavo finish of its keys that we have highlighted in the Craft to place the fingers right in the center of it and facilitate the pressing.

The backlight of them is intelligent thanks to the integrated proximity sensors, which light up every time you bring your hands to the keyboard, and turn off when you move away from your desk. Exceptionally, you can also adjust the brightness of the backlight according to ambient light levels.

The MX Keys model, with 8 hours of use per day, can offer an autonomy estimated in five months with the backlight off, but that is reduced to only 10 days if you turn them on. They are solid when pressed, thanks to the metal sheet of the body.

Dispense with dial characteristic of the Craft model, but it maintains the compatibility with Logitech Flow, which gives you the possibility of connecting up to three devices at the same time, very useful if in your workstation you have several devices, portable or even tablet.

Razer BlackWidow Lite

Razer BlackWidow Lite

The brand with great prestige in the world gamingIt also has tricks of interesting keyboards for the world of office and productivity. This is the case of BlackWidow, a mechanical model without numeric keys, but with full-size design.

It has quite silent keys to be a mechanical model, which is accompanied by a complete package of O-rings that you can place under each key to further dampen the noise.

The screen printed Windows key indicates that it is better to use with a PC, but we have found that it also works on Mac. Yes, Razer Synapse 3 software only supports installation on Windows. With the podrs you can customize designs, program keys, or assign shortcuts.

If you are not used to a mechanical keyboard, we will tell you that you must have patience and grant yourself a learning time with Razer's BlackWidow. As a reward, you will get a significant increase in writing speed since the key travel is less deep.

Cherry DW 9000 Slim

Cherry DW 9000 Slim

If you happen to be passionate about keyboards chiclet plans that you will usually find in laptops, so your choice must go through the purchase of a Cherry model, one of the best known and most reliable keyboard manufacturers in the market.

The DW 9000 Slim It is an excellent wireless keyboard that offers a first level writing experience, with black finishes with bronze highlights that frame each key. It is elegant and practical, available in silver if you prefer.

Cherry applies a special high quality scissor mechanism combined with a low key stroke. Thus, the keys have enough movement and travel to appreciate interpreting the light touch. It is also silent if you detect noisy keyboards.

The device is very flat in general lines, with a compact design in spite of including on the right side the typical number keys and some additional ones to handle the volume, the calculator or the blocking of windows.

We positively value your LED practice as well as the battery indicator, which blinks faster as the battery level drops. Its charging is done through a Micro USB port, with the possibility of using it in the meantime in a wired manner. Includes a matching wireless mouse.

Apple Magic Keyboard

Apple Magic Keyboard

This is the wireless keyboard that for generations, Apple has included in one way or another with its iMac equipment, with the proviso that the keyboard can be wired or wireless technology.

It stands out for its minimalist design, a particularly long battery life, and for being very functional in different areas of use.

Its full-size design intelligently adapts to a small surface, adhering to the table in an amazing way to prevent movement during use. We have used it with a Mac and as a keyboard for MacBook and in both cases, it is ideal.

The keys have a fairly shallow path, but not as low as the butterfly-type keyboards, which MacBooks have often done recently. We find it extremely comfortable to write, since the design of the one gives it a high angle, instead of lying down.

It is also incredibly quiet, which is good for offices and shared work spaces. Pairing via Bluetooth to Mac is very easy, and even works with all modern iPads and iPhones. You can use it with a PC, but with Mac design and command buttons it is a less than ideal movement.

The standard keyboard does not have a numeric keypad and the arrow keys are extremely compact. If you prefer, there are a full keyboard version with numeric part For a slightly higher price.

Microsoft Sculpt Comfort

Microsoft Sculpt Comfort

The Sculpt Comfort is halfway between the separate keyboard approach with two halves of the Sculpt Ergonomic, and the traditional straight layout of most keyboards. With this, Microsoft manages to combine tradition and ergonomics.

Although the palm rest separates easily, you will want to use it, as it is comfortable and also includes legs to raise it from the table. And is that the Sculpt Comfort leans in the opposite direction to the usual, instead of from its rear rear.

Its contoured 3D design will undoubtedly thank you for your faces, as it is something that the company has taken care to study to offer the greatest possible ergonomics, especially if you are one of those who spend all day writing.

The mouse that accompanies the whole Sculpture comfort It is also well designed with a practical Windows button that, as expected, reflects the function of the same key as the keyboard, with the possibility of customizing it to start OneNote, Cortana, Task View or Virtual Desktops.

The top row of the keyboard includes a series of shortcuts for Windows, and there is a physical switch that enables or operates them as usual function keys. The keystroke and the click of the mouse are nice and silent.

Note: We may receive a small commission for each purchase made through the links on our page, but this has no extra cost to you. This also does not affect our editorial independence. More information.

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