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The best Christmas movies on Netflix and Spanish

Christmas is synonymous with family gatherings, gifts, sharing food, the little tree and of course watching Christmas movies with a cup of hot chocolate and cookies to warm the body. Nowadays there are more and more movies that carry the word Christmas (or Christmas) in your title but would you like to know what really will touch that Navideo spirit that you have slept on? Quiet, we are here to help you. Learn what are the best Christmas movies on Netflix that you can't miss.

This short list of films contains titles for adults and for children, so that you have a variety of genres around the Christmas theme. We must clarify that there may be better films available, but in this list we decided to focus on those that have Spanish subtitles or audio.

The Grinch “How The Grinch stole Christmas”

christmas movies netflix grinch

This was the first feature that was based on the Navideo story written by Dr. Seuss in 1957 and premiered in 2000. However, it is still so popular that it is currently available on Netflix, to enjoy the family as a family. Christmas and New Year.

It is worth noting that although in essence, the plot of the film and the book is the same, they show a green character who hates Christmas and wants to finish it at all costs, in this film scenes about the origin of the character and others were included new details

Currently, there is a new version in the cinema about The grinch, but if you want to enjoy the majestic performance of Jim Carrey as the Grinch, you should not miss this version on Netflix.

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The Holiday Calendar

christmas movies netflix holiday calender

A few weeks ago they stretch The Holiday Calendar on Netflix, a romantic and fun Christmas movie that shows a talented photographer, struggling to get ahead in her profession.

However, in that process he inherits an old advent calendar, whose content seems to predict the future. Help this magical calendar for the protagonist to love Christmas? Discover it in this film.

If you want a Christmas movie with a different plot and that you haven't seen before, The Holiday Calendar It is a great option.

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Christmas Wedding Planner

christmas movies netflix wedding

This 2017 film shows a wedding planner, named Kelsey Wilson, who is about to have her big chance: plan the luxurious and exclusive wedding of her dear cousin. Apparently, everything is going very well until Connor McClane, a private investigator, appears and turns Kelsey's world upside down. Hired by a secret source, Connor quickly interrupts the upcoming nuptials, but wins Kelsey's heart in that process.

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The Christmas Chronicles

christmas movies netflix the christmas chronicles featured image

The new movie The Christmas Chronicles, released in 2018, shows Kate Pierce and her brother Teddy, two children who want to record San Nicols (or Santas Claus) on Christmas Eve. However, to achieve this, they decide to sneak into their sled, and cause an accident that could ruin Christmas. From that moment the brothers will live with Santa Claus and his faithful elves a whole series of adventures to save Christmas, before it is too late.

This is the typical Christmas movie that mixes the innocence and mischief of children, along with one of the main characters of Christmas. Without a doubt, an excellent production to laugh and feel the spirit of Christmas as a family.

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The Beauty and the Beast

christmas movies netflix beauty and beast

Since 2017, the real-life adaptation of the Disney animated film, The Beauty and the Beast (also known as Beauty and the Beast) is available on Netflix. Relive some of your favorite childhood stories, to teach us that love must be imposed on arrogance and egosmo and that, in addition, the true beauty of a human being is within.

An ideal production to see in family with the smallest of the house this Christmas.

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Christmas Inheritance

christmas movies netflix christmas

This 2017 film tells the story of an ambitious heiress named Ellen Langford who must personally take a letter to her father's partner to a town called Snow Falls, with the find and be able to inherit the business. The problem begins when a storm leaves her trapped in a cabin, where she finds love and discovers the true meaning of Christmas.

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A Christmas Prince

christmas movies netflix christmas prince

We must admit that this is not a very good movie, but sometimes we need light films to de-stress. If you are one of those who enjoy romantic comedies, in this movie you will see the story of a reporter who camouflages herself as a tutor to meet a prince, but ends up in the middle of an intrigue.

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The Christmas Way

christmas movies netflix way christmas

The film tells the story of a young man looking for his father, whom he has never met. In the middle of his search he ends up in a liquor store in a fictional town called El Camino, Nevada, with five strangers, just on Christmas Eve and after being accused of being a drug dealer.

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Mickeys Once Upon a Christmas

christmas movies netflix disney

This 1999 film is for children and tells three stories in one, in which the children's favorite mouse along with Donald Duck and Tribiln discover different aspects and traditions of Christmas. It is a classic so that the smallest of the family entertain themselves and do not disturb the adults.

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Mickeys Twice Upon a Christmas

christmas movies netflix mickey 2

This sequel to Mickeys Once Upon a Christmas It was launched in 2004 and unlike the previous one, it is made on a computer. Show Mickey and his friends. It also has several segments that star in the different Disney characters about Christmas.

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Mariah Careys Merriest Christmas

christmas movies netflix mariah

If you are a fan of this American artist and if you like Christmas, you want to see this program. It is a Christmas celebration where other artists and talk-show guests appear. Of course, it is a show that both children and adults can see and that is perfect to start preparing for Christmas.

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* Updated by Mara Teresa Lopes on December 18, 2018.

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