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The best alternatives to small Chromecast on Amazon

It's very probable that, if you don't have a Smart TV, you are looking for a device that allows you to enjoy the best applications of Android TV, and not having to spend a lot of money on a new TV. Moreover, the software of your smart TV may not go quite well, or you may love the quality of the panel of your "old" TV (we already know that the market for this type of product is moving at a dizzying speed).

It is likely that players with remote control and base seem too large and uncomfortable. To help you choose a player with Android TV according to your needs, here we bring you the best alternatives to Google Chromecast of small size:

Players very similar to Google Chromecast

First, we show you two alternatives with a design that reminds you, and much, of the latest version of Google Chromecast. Ideal if you are looking for an attractive design.

Attetion WiFi Dongle

With a circular design, gloss black finish and HDMI connector; the player of Attention It closely resembles Google Chromecast aesthetically. Compatible with Netflix, Youtube or HBO, this device will be enough to cover basic multimedia needs, such as screen delivery.

Its price? It can be found by 24 in Amazon.

Android TV player Atetion

Wonderfulrita Talles

Although it may not seem by name, the Wonderfulrita It is a more than serious player with a design similar to Chromecast. With a matte black finish, this device is able to play in 4K And it is also compatible with Apple Airplay.

We can find it in Amazon At a price of 22.

Player similar to Chromecast Wonderfulrita

Stick players

Then we bring you two alternatives of the same brand whose main attraction is its pen-drive look Of very small size.

Flyapoo Cast and Flyapoo Cast 2

Differentiated mainly in its capacity to be able or not to transmit content in 4K, the players Flyapoo They closely resemble design and functionalities. Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS, these devices connect to your HDMI.

At what price? TO 25 Y 35 in Amazon, according to the model.

Flyapoo Cast 1, Android TV playerFlyapoo Cast 2, with ability to play in 4K

One more top-of-the-range option: Xiaomi Mi TV Box S

As added to this compilation, we include a different option: Xiaomi Mi TV Box S. This Xiaomi device is a concept much more complete than seen above. Formed by a base and a I send To control the interface, this hub with Android TV is also compatible with Google Assistant.

We can find the Xiaomi Mi TV Box S at a price of about 58 in Amazon.

Top-of-the-range player, Mi TV Box S by Xiaomi