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The battery of my Xiaomi downloads very fast: 5 possible solutions

The battery of my Xiaomi downloads very fast: 5 possible solutions

One of the reasons why, in the end, we just got rid of mobile phones, is because their battery starts to wane. They can not stand as much as in the first months and now we can hardly keep them alive at the end of the day. The batteries degrade, that's right. We cannot expect them to always endure as newly opened. However, there are situations in which we can see that it can be an error of the terminal itself. Especially when the mobile does not have too much time.

In this special we are going to give you a few tips about what to do when the battery of our Xiaomi we see that it downloads too quickly. Don't forget to follow them to the letter to see if your problem is fixed. If not, you will have to pull guarantee.

My cell phone spends its battery too fast. What can i do?

Check which application is draining the battery

The battery may be running out too soon because of a certain discharged application. To see what we are going to go to the mobile settings and, by scrolling down, we locate the section ?Battery and performance?And we enter l. Inside the screen we have to click on ?Energy use?. On this screen it is also interesting that you had pressed the ?Use adaptive battery? switch. In this way, the operating system detects the use we give to the mobile phone, limiting the battery for applications that you do not use regularly.

battery power

In the pestaa 'Applications' We see which one appears in the first position, since it is the one that is spending the most battery. If we see that it is the system itself, such as ?Android System? or ?Google Play Services? I fear we cannot uninstall them. In this case, the only thing we can do is to format the mobile so that the system is reinstalled and put an end to this problem. However, this also depends, very much, on how optimized the MIUI layer is and the problem can be solved with a software update.

battery power 02

If, on the other hand, the first application that appears has been installed by yourself, you have two possibilities: either uninstall it completely and download an alternative application or erase your data. For the second we will do the following:

  • Click on the application in question
  • At the bottom of the screen click on ?Details?
  • Next, click on ?Storage? and a new screen will open
  • At the top we click on ?Clear cache or?Clear storage?If we want to erase all application data

data applications

Format your Xiaomi phone

If you need to format your phone and leave it just as you took it out of the box we will carry out the following steps.

  • We enter the ?Settings? section and then we go to ?Additional settings?
  • Below we look for ?Backup and reset? and, within this section, we go back down all the way to find ?Clear all data?.
  • Before formatting the mobile make sure to make a copy on your PC of all your files since with the formatting all will be deleted.
  • Press now on ?All phone files? and just wait for the system to restart your phone, this time without data.

battery power 03

Enter the developer options and disable this

Another trick that can work to prevent the battery from draining so easily is to activate the ?Developer options? and turn off the two-function switch that is completely below the options, ?Activate MIUI optimization ?and? Notify about high-risk functions? It has been proven that many users work by deactivating these two options. Without them we can continue using the mobile without any problems.

developer options

The only thing that to get into the ?Developer options? we have to activate them first. To do this, we enter the "Settings" section of our telephone and then "About the telephone". Then press seven times on ?MIUI version? to activate the ?Developer options?. These are found in the adicionales Additional settings ?section.

Modify the search for mobile networks

When the mobile coverage is unstable, the mobile does not stop looking where to connect to not lose the signal. And that work entails an energy expenditure that makes the battery of our device possible, so if you find yourself in unstable areas it will last you shortly. To modify the networks to which you connect from your phone, the only thing we have to do is the following.

We open the application in which we dial the phone number we want to call and write the following code ?* # * # 4636 # * # * ?, without quotation marks. Without needing to press anything, a screen will open with three options of which we will press the first one, in which we can read sobre Information about the phone1 ?.

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<p>In the screen that opens we will have to locate ?Set preferred type of network? and display the arrow that accompanies the title. From the long list of type of networks that appear we must select the one that puts <strong>?LTE-WCDMA?</strong>, that is, that the mobile only search between 3G and 4G networks, By default you have to search among too many types of networks so the battery cost will be higher. If you notice that your coverage, after making the change, is altered in some way, nothing happens, you just have to restart the mobile to reset the type of network to be located.</p>
<h3>Adjust auto brightness</h3>
<p>You will be surprised at the amount of battery we see spent on a mobile simply because it has not adjusted the automatic brightness. Thanks to this option, the screen<strong> always receive the right brightness</strong> to the situation in which we find ourselves. And if your device does not work as it should, always be sure to use the correct brightness, adjusting it manually. You will be surprised how much battery we can save with the brightness of the screen.</p>
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