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the alternative dating service arrives at Tinder

Facebook has decided to bet on Facebook Dating, a new dating service which is already official in order to try to dethrone or show an alternative to the most used dating service, Tinder.

Facebook is a company which encompasses most social networks that we use, from Facebook itself to WhatsApp or Instagram among others, and those that now add this new service.

In our society, it is not just well seen to use this type of dating services, although in reality There are many millions of people who use them.

The social network knows that not all users like to say that they make use of applications to flirt, so We will have to create the Facebook Dating profile through a very simple process and apart, so there are no changes in our traditional Facebook profile.

How Facebook Dating works

Since Facebook generally knows our real age, those users over 18 years They will be given the option to sign up for the Facebook Dating service, which for now will be free for all users.

The creation of the profile in this service is very fast since we can use the photos uploaded to Facebook or a new one, besides being able to export the biography.

Image - Facebook Dating is official: the alternative dating service arrives at Tinder

We may think that some friends we have on Facebook, are of the opposite sex or the same and They have very similar tastes to ours, so it will be possible to recommend us to people around us.

However, Facebook has clarified that never recommend us to people who are among our friends, unless we or they introduce us to their Secret crush, which is a list in which we add the people we like and seek to be more than friends.

Image - Facebook Dating is official: the alternative dating service arrives at Tinder

The main people we recommend connecting with are with friends of friends, that is to say, people who are not in our immediate surroundings, but they are not unknown either since probably our friend will already have spoken to us of that person in some circumstance.

As we say, this dating service also integrates the possibility of adding Stories which are based on 15-second videos and are deleted within 24 hours of their publication just like we found on Instagram, Facebook

Image - Facebook Dating is official: the alternative dating service arrives at Tinder

All the conversations will be made through Facebook Messenger, in which we find different functions such as sharing our location in real time, sending photos or of course sending or receiving messages.

Unlike Tinder, in which both people must like each other To be able to use the chat, the mode of operation of Facebook Dating is totally different, since it has different profiles in which, if we like someone, we will directly click on the Like button and so let him know instantly, although there is also the possibility to comment on your profile privately and thus try to start a conversation.

For the moment, Facebook Dating is free, Although it is likely that as in other similar services such as Tinder, in the future there is the possibility of paying for unlocking new features.

Currently It is available in USA, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, the Philippines, Singapore, Suriname, Thailand, Uruguay and Vietnam.

Facebook has announced that this service does not reach Europe until 2020. There are already many dating services that exist, but without a doubt Facebook Dating be a dating service Try to show yourself as the main alternative to Tinder.

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What do you think about Facebook Dating? Do you think it will succeed?