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The 5 best Android games to train your brain

big brain

It's not a secret that some video games are great for keeping your mind active. Undoubtedly, these titles are the most beneficial found in the Google Play Store. For this reason, we will tell you what they are the 5 best Android games to train your brain.

Install some of the games found in the following list and see what they need to improve your mental agility. Some love it!

5 Android games to keep your mind active


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More than a game, Lumosity is a fun brain training program. Why? Because it is a fun and interactive way to create a daily habit to gain knowledge.

With over 90 million users worldwide, Lumosity Test all your critical thinking, memory and problem solving skills. Start with a 10-minute test to establish your starting point and see how you compare yourself with people your age. Train your mind while having fun!

Lumosity: the best cognitive training app Lumosity: the best cognitive training app


NeuroNation is another app that exercise your brain gives da. Either the bad memory, the concentration problems or the slowness to think, with only 15 minutes of training per day you can solve it.

Join a community with more than more than15 million members worldwide And shoot yourself a little science. At the reach of your hand!

NeuroNation - Training for your brain NeuroNation - Training for your brain

Peak – Brain Games

Peak was chosen by Google as one of the best apps for Android in 2015. This is another tool that will help you have a sharp mind.

In Peak you will find Free games that will challenge your memory, attention, deduction, mental agility, language, coordination, creativity and emotional control. In addition, you can discover in which outstanding categories and compete against your friends.

Peak - Brain Games Peak - Brain Games

Big brain

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In Great Brain you will find a compilation of 25 brain games inspired by daily life. Improve your cognitive skills, test your brain and become smarter while you entertain yourself with different mental puzzles.

They are 25 different brain games divided into 5 categories that will test both sides of your brain. These games were inspired by daily life and are designed to improve the skills you use in your day to day.

Great Brain Functional Brain Training Great Brain Functional Brain Training


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This fun game of logical to help you improve your skills and abilities. Playing Skillz allows you to:

  • Improve memory
  • Train the sense of reflection.
  • Increase accuracy.
  • Increase Speed.
  • Learn color coordination.

In a nutshell, It has everything you need to train your brain!

Skillz - logic game Skillz - logic game

We also invite you to see this list with 10 games that will exercise your mind. There is something for everyone.

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