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'The 3% Challenge', the Netflix game that you can control with your voice

Netflix wants to offer something different to its more than 150 million users, but without departing from its usual content. With that intention, The company has partnered with Doppio Games to develop a game based on one of the series in its catalog, 3%.

It is not the first time that we heard something like that from Netflix, which I already announced that I was preparing a game of Stranger Things in the purest Pokmon GO style. In this case, the game is already over, so you must be preparing your voice and Google Assistant to enjoy it, Those are the two key elements that you need to play.

‘The 3% Challenge’, the Netflix game that you can control with your voice

As announced Venture Beat, Netflix and Doppio Games, a Portuguese game developer, have worked side by side to create The 3% Challenge, a video game that He acts as a prequel to the Brazilian series 3%.

Thus, the game follows the same premise as the series, a dystopian drama in which only 3% of citizens can live on the privileged side of the planet. The 3% Challenge It's a free and multiplayer game, and is available in both English and Portuguese.

Alexa, Amazon users already have access to the new Netflix game. But nevertheless, those who use Google Assistant will have to wait until the end of the week to be able to play If you do it with the Portuguese language, you will discover one of the surprises of The 3% Challenge: The voice of one of the characters belongs to Bianca Comparato, actress who plays the protagonist of the series.

Netflix game The 3% Challenge

To start playing with Alexa, you just have to say "Alexa, open 3%". To do it with Google Assistant, say "Hey Google, talk to 3%." So, start "The Process", which consists of a series of challenges that will test your skills. To overcome them, you can only use your voice.

“As users look for ways to get the most out of their devices, voice control can evolve to overcome touch control, with The 3% Challenge at the forefront”, said Jeferson Valadares, CEO of Doppio Games. The company believes that, with the incredible growth of voice assistants, it is time to demonstrate that video games and voice control can be merged to offer news to users.

If you want to try how these types of voice controlled games work, you can do it now with The 3% Challenge from Netflix. Put yourself in the skin of the characters, face the challenges using your voice and become part of that 3% Than live in the best area of ​​the planet.

Image: Netflix / Doppio.

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