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Sword And Shield's Max Raid battles may be among Pokmon's most challenging encounters

Pokmon Sword and Shield are introducing a look at new techniques in the series. One of the biggest new additions is the ability of the Pokmon to grow in massive proportions. While this is most prominent in battles through Dynamax and Gigantamax mechanics, players can also challenge powerful giant Pokémon in cooperatives Max Raid Battles. We talked with the developers to learn more about these meetings.

Initially, the Max Raid Battles were called something more generic as "cooperative battles", but after the implementation of the cooperative raids of Pokmon Go, word spread in the vocabularies of Pokmon fans worldwide. "The initial concept of having cooperative battles against a Pokmon, the idea of ​​the raid, arose before the raids were even implemented in Pokmon Go, but we saw Pokmon Go implement this raid feature and how popular it was for people to gather in the same space and enjoy these cooperative experiences, "says director Shigeru Ohmori. "I think there was some influence, as in Pokmon Go, you don't need to be a tough fighter to enjoy band battles. It's really easy to invite a friend. We want to have that element in the Sword and Shield band meetings as well. "

While Ohmori likes the idea of ​​not having to be a tough fighter to enjoy these raid encounters, planning director Kazumasa Iwao warns that you should not expect to enter and defeat the best ranked beasts. "I think some of them will be quite difficult," says Iwao. "I think he will have a kind of difficulty that we have not seen in many Pokmon games in the main series so far, but there are a variety of difficulties even in the Max Raid battles."

Like the raids on Pokmon Go, Max Raid Battles are represented by a classification system. In Sword and Shield, they are classified by stars; The more stars Max Raid Battle has, the harder it is. "Start a little easier, then you can choose the difficulty based on how powerful your Pokmon are," says Iwao. "Even for me, an experienced Pokmon player, even if I go with one of the five-star Max Raid battles, I can definitely find situations where I can't win."

We will learn how difficult these raid encounters can be when Pokmon Sword and Shield launches on Switch on November 15.

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Sword And Shield's Max Raid battles may be among Pokmon's most challenging encounters
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