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Spotify is already compatible with Siri in its Beta for iOS

It seems that rough edges between Spotify and Apple are being filed, and after a very busy year in which mutual accusations filled the headlines of the news of all technological blogsFinally, there is hope that both companies focus on improving the experience of their respective customers.

IOS 13 opens up the possibility that music applications use SiriKit so that Apple's virtual assistant can handle them, and Spotify is already testing this feature in its Beta for iOS, so the release of a version compatible with Siri is imminent.

iOS 13 is a change in Siri to make it more open to third-party applications. The assistant that was originally restricted to the system itself, with no possibility that any third-party application could make use of it, has gradually been making its way and Apple has been offering developers tools to make use of it in their applications. And it is already possible that any music playback application can use Siri to control it, something that Pandora has already taken advantage of, and it seems that Spotify will be the next to do so.

Its beta for iOS already allows you to use Siri to start music playback, being able to indicate songs, artists, albums and playlists. You can now control Spotify from your iPhone or iPad, or from your AirPods, with your voice. Does that mean Spotify is already compatible with HomePod? Not yet, at least in this first Beta. At this time we do not know if it is Apple's fault, that it must update the HomePod software, or if it is Spotify who should improve the integration of its application with Siri. The important thing is that it seems that the cold war between the two companies is over and now they focus on their users, as it should be. At the moment this function is only available in the Spotify Beta but the public version is expected soon.

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Spotify is already compatible with Siri in its Beta for iOS
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