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SPEAKERS / SPEAKERS | Types, parts and operation

Thespeakers,speakers orhorns They are a peripheral that for many is almost necessary in a computer because it is the one that emits sound. We explain what the speakers are, their types and how they work.

Why speakers?

The speakers or speakers They are a peripheral output which is used for sound reproduction. Like a part of the computer for most users, it is seen as essential, since with them it is possible to enjoy the music that is played on a computer or to be able to listen to the sounds that are emitted by the operating system.

Types of PC speakers

Basic speakers They are the ones that are almost always included in the kit hardware of a computer. Their sound is simple, they are small and even the headphones can be plugged into them. They can have an integrated audio control.

Semi-professional or custom use speakers They are very complete audio systems that can have up to three mini speakers in each drawer. Its ability to reproduce highs and lows is high fidelity. In certain cases they include subwoofer and present an interesting physical equalization system.

Professional speakers They are of a considerable size and are used more than anything in recording studios or if the user wants a professional sound for their activity, as well as the highest quality.

Monitor speaker It is not that they are considered as a class of speakers in themselves, but sometimes monitors They have built-in speakers, either in the lower area or on the sides.

2.1 speakers or surround sound They are compact and inexpensive, so they are very relevant when not much space is available. They have two speakers and a subwoofer and the sound they emit is surround.

5.1 Surround Sound Speakers Speakers Among the high-end are the most typical and are surround sound. They have four satellite speakers, one central and subwoofer. Its sound emission is very precise due to the large number of satellites that it includes.

Speakers + 7.1 surround sound It is an option to enjoy surround sound quality speakers for the computer. They have six satellite speakers, a central one and a subwoofer. They are bulky and complex to use on any computer that is not intended for entertainment.

Parts of a speaker

Parts (from inside to outside):

  • Back plate
  • Magnet
  • meeting
  • Faceplate
  • Mobile coil
  • Bell
  • Araa
  • Cone
  • Suspension
  • External seat
  • Dust cover

How PC speakers work

To understand how a speaker works, you have to understand what the sound is exactly. It is defined as moving air that reaches our ears as sound waves.

Operation depends on the interaction between the electric current, magnet, copper winding and a plastic membrane. The current and copper next to the magnet make vibrate the membrane that pushes the surrounding air creating sound waves and disperses them through the air. According to the direction of the current, the copper moves along with the magnet forward and back, obtaining variations in the sound. The current changes direction up to 26 thousand times per second forward and backward

There are usually 2 speakers, one for serious and another for treble. A small circuit directs the current to the indicated loudspeaker so that the high frequency goes to the high frequency and the low frequency bass.

When the volume is increased, the only thing that happens is that the voltage of the current increases and that is why the air thrust through the membrane is of greater intensity and is perceived as music of greater volume; When a speaker is of poor quality, its components do not have the exact precision to withstand such vibrations and therefore the sound quickly loses sharpness.

How to make a homemade speaker

What do we need?

  • 1 cardboard plate
  • 1 comps
  • 1 bottle cap
  • 1 cutter
  • 1 imn
  • Enameled copper wire
  • Cobra foil or aluminum can
  • Hot silicone

Steps to follow: