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Snapchat reaches a billion downloads on Android

Snapchat "width =" 1200 "height =" 800 "srcset =" 1200w, wp-content / uploads / 2019/07 / Snapchat-478x319.jpg 478w, 1024w, https: // www. 270w, 830w, https: // 400w, 450w "sizes =" (max-width: 1200px) 100vw, 1200px "src =" "class =" size-full wp -image-151649 aligncenter lazyload "/></p><p><strong>Snapchat is an application that once was very popular</strong>, especially among a young audience. But over time it has been losing presence in the market. In fact, Instagram or Facebook stories already have more active users than this app. Despite this, the application has already reached a significant number of downloads in the Android application store.</p><div class=

Since the Snapchat app can celebrate since have reached a billion downloads on Google Play. A good figure, which we usually see in applications such as Google or social networks. Although recently Microsoft Word also came to it.

The application has not been at its best for a long time. His income has fallen and some of his projects, like his glasses, have been a notable failure. Therefore, the application has been looking for solutions for some time and looking to boost its popularity again. Despite its bad time, Snapchat has managed to reach these billion downloads on Android.

Snapchat redesign Android

Although a few months ago they have found a way to monetize the app. The Premium version is something that works well and provides them with certain income. Something that helps keep them on the market today in 2019. But the app has never been profitable.

Nor should we forget the redesign that Snapchat had last year. Thanks to it, many of the platform's problems were eliminated, which helped keep users up. So they are changes that have proven to be crucial for the company at this time.

The question is whether the economic situation of the firm will improve over time. Snapchat reaches this number of downloads, which is a good sign, although many users have it installed on their Android phones but do not use it. So it is one of the big questions, if many users will return or not.

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