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Samsung Galaxy Home smart speaker is very close

It has been more than a year since the Samsung Galaxy Home was officially presented. He smart speaker The Korean manufacturer has been delaying, until it reaches a point where the phantom of Apple AirPower wireless charger began to worry us. Nothing is further from reality.

When Samsung introduced the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, we expected some news about its Galaxy Home, but the company did not mention it, which made us fear the worst again. But, it seems that finally your smart speaker will be a reality very soon.

A few months ago, we told you about the possible launch date of the Samsung Galaxy Home, which will be able to reach the market this September. We cannot confirm this fact yet, but I know Samsung's smart speaker will be a reality very soon.

Spotify interface

This image confirms that Samsung's smart speaker is very close

Now, thanks to the guys from SamMobile, we can confirm that the Samsung Galaxy Home is still on the road map of the Sel-based manufacturer. And not only that, since the launch will be imminent. Or it is what we can deduce when seeing the image that heads these lines.

More than anything, because a reader of the well-known news portal specialized in everything related to Samsung, has sent you a screenshot of a pop-up window that appeared when you opened the application Spotify. And in it, you can clearly see the silhouette of a Samsung Galaxy Home.

Samsung Galaxy Home

When using the translator, we can see that the system invites us to link the Spotify account with the Samsung account in order to enjoy all the contents of the streaming music platform on the company's devices. Or what is the same: we can use the well-known service to enjoy our favorite songs in the Samsung Galaxy Home.

For now, we can not throw bells on the fly either. The image does not seem to be a fake, so it is a fact that the samsung smart speaker It's just around the corner. Now, you just need to be patient and see if finally the latest rumors that pointed to September or October as the date on which the expected Galaxy Home will become a reality, they succeed. Podr with the Amazon Echo family and Google Home?

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