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Recorder, the new app to come with the Google Pixel 4

This is the Recorder that we will see in Google Pixel 4 1

As time passes, more is known about the new Pixel 4 that Google is about to launch. The filtered terminals have allowed us to know a lot about what the great G prepares, including some news related to its software, including a new recorder application.

Recorder, a new app for Pixels

The Pixel 4 will have preinstalled with a new application, Recorder. This is really simple, but it perfectly fulfills its mission. Since 9to5Google they have not only been able to try it, but they have uploaded the APK so that everyone who wants to can try it. In our Google Pixel 3 XL we have already been able to test it, seeing that the version number 0.5.257343194 looks, so it seems that there is still much to improve.

As you can see in the following screenshots its use could not be more intuitive. A button to start recording, which at the same time serves to pause it. A second button is shown when paused and gives us the option of giving a title to the recording and / or ending it. The recordings are then shown in chronological order, showing when they were made and their duration.

A simple but effective application that may also be launched in the Android store.