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PassivDome is the first fully-printed 3D printed house

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A Ukrainian company says it could change the way in which human beings live, taking the construction of houses to a new level one that, according to them, is "able to withstand a" zombie apocalypse. "

PassivDom, the manufacturer of "the first fully autonomous home in the world", wants us to enjoy a smart home printed in 3D that can be far from society and does not need to depend on any service.

"PassivDom is the world's first mobile and transportable home with parameters of the Passive House movement," said Max Gerbut, founder of the company, in an interview with TechCrunch. “Due to the use of advanced materials and unique developments by our engineers, PassivDom has the highest thermal performance among residential buildings. The walls are as warm as bricks, and the thermal characteristics are high enough to use twenty times less energy than an ordinary building. That is why it is possible to obtain complete autonomy outside the network in a cold climate, without having a complex and expensive heating system. ”

With a PassivDom home, residents are able to manage all systems from their smart phones, and the energy for the use of all those systems is powered by the sun. Without the need for electricity or gas, this may be the most environmentally friendly house created so far.

As it is designed to adapt to nature, it also pretends to be totally autonomous. "PassivDom allows you to live in the mountains, in the forest, at the seaside in conditions as comfortable as a 5-star hotel," says the company on its website.

And one can live in all those places because the PassivDom is actually a house on wheels. You can travel to any place you want to visit, and be sure that you can spend the night comfortably when you have finished exploring during the day.

PassivDom has three models available, and the most basic version of 36 square meters costs about $ 64,000 dollars. The module comes with furniture, all necessary appliances, built-in kitchen, bathroom with toilet, sink, and shower, heating and cooling systems, and an intelligent ventilation air system with oxygen level control.

A cloud-based surveillance and alarm system promises to keep the home safe, and a self-sufficient energy system, independent water supply and independent wastewater allow you to take the home wherever you need to go. For more information, you can visit the PassivDom site.

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PassivDome is the first fully-printed 3D printed house
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