OPPO reinvents mobile retractable cameras

OPPO reinvents mobile retractable cameras

Next month is the one chosen by OPPO to launch a new family of mobiles, the OPPO Reno, which will have a first model presented on April 10. This terminal does not know what specific name it will have, only that it would arrive in Spain with the OPPO Reno brand.

But what we do know is how it will be. Not only have images leaked from its rear, which confirm its triple rear camera, but we have seen that it has no notch or hole on the screen. And watch out because we talk about two different models.

Three rear cameras with 10x zoom

This new OPPO will feature a rear camera system that will highlight the lossless prismatic zoom system that the company presented at the MWC 2019 and that we could test.

That sensor is the one in the third element of the camera, the rectangular one, which is the prism that derives the light to the sensor, as does the Huawei P30 Pro.

We will have several colors available although we still don't know the price or the markets it will reach.

A very particular front camera

We also have news in the front and that is that OPPO is still betting on putting mobile mechanisms to avoid staining the screen.

This time we see an asymmetric POP UP system that attracts a lot of attention. We do not know why the manufacturer has decided to do so but simply because of the curious it has already been worth it.

A screen with almost no bottom frame

Another less obvious but perhaps more important element is that, at least in the renders that have leaked, the new mobile has barely a lower frame, leaving the right space to pick up the screen, just like on the sides and in the upper area. This model is different by having only two rear cameras.

In the videos in which it appears this is not so marked but it is true that we are facing one of the mobiles with less “chin” than seen so far.