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New competitor for the Apple HomePod: Amazon Echo Studio

The voice control technologies They are in full swing. We are seeing it with the Google system, Google Assistant, or with Apple and Siri; but, above all, with Alexa, Amazon's personal assistant present in their Echo products.

While the variety of products we can find with the Alexa voice assistant installed was reasonably reduced yesterday Amazon put the batteries and present a huge amount of new Echo devices, from glasses with integrated speakers to a ring with the integrated voice assistant.

Together with them, the model has arrived Amazon Echo Studio, a new speaker of higher quality than those already known of the brand and that here we will compare with one of its main rivals: Apple HomePod.

Amazon Echo Studio usage environment

Design and dimensions

He Echo Studio continues, to some extent, with the design lines already defined in his little brothers: cylindrical shape and covered with a fabric mesh, although apparently more robust. That is, it has a substantially larger size, specifically 17.5 cm high, 20 wide and weighing about 3.5 kg. It has the respective control buttons at the top and, as usual, it has an LED that will illuminate so you know that Alexa is listening to you.

For its part, the Apple HomePod It has a plastic housing, and a slightly smaller size, with somewhat less height, width and weight. It also has an LED on the top that enable us to talk to Siri. That's right, the apple product does not have physical buttons.

Rival of Echo Studio, the Apple HomePod

Sound and technical specifications

With 330 W of power, the Amazon Echo Studio It has three media speakers, one treble and a woofer to maximize the bass. In addition, Amazon's new smart speaker has technology Dolby Atmos, and, of course, 802.11 WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

View of the interior parts of the Echo Studio

He Apple HomePod, meanwhile, is formed by a powerful bass speaker and seven treble. Like the Amazon product, the HomePod has 802.11 WiFi connectivity and Bluetooth 5.0; in addition to a frequency of 50 to 60 Hz.

View of the interior parts of the Apple HomePod


Thanks to the already mentioned Dolby Atmos technology, Amazon's new smart speaker is capable of study the environment in which you are and modify, thus, the audio reproduced to optimize it to the room. Although Apple HomePod already had this capability, the Echo Studio ensures better results. In addition, it is compatible with the new HD music technology of the North American brand.

Alexa gives us many functions in the new Amazon Echo Studio

Both are obviously capable of interacting with Siri and Alexa, respectively; Y perform day to day functions how to play music, gives information about the weather or the most outstanding news; besides being able to control the external devices compatible with them. In this sense, few differences between both speakers. The balance will tilt to the side of the voice assistant of your choice.

Apple HomePod works with Siri assistant

Availability and price

And it is here, as usually happens with the devices that are compared with Apple products, where the good comes. He Amazon Echo Studio to be available for pre-order, and be marketed from November 7 to a wreck of 199.99. This price, as you imagine, contrasts with the 329 worth the Apple HomePod in the official brand website.

What do we get as conclusion? It is certain that the Amazon Echo Studio is positioned as a tough rival for the Apple HomePod, with comparable characteristics and whose main buying factor is probably its price.