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Most read: these are the 5 technological news of the week

Jennifer Aniston and Reese WitherspoonHandout / Getty Images

It is already a tradition. Every Friday, we offer you in a summary list the five most read technological news of the week. So, if you have not had much time to keep up, do not worry because you will quickly be up to date and know what has happened in the technological world.

Are you ready? There we go

You can now visit our neighboring planets with Google Maps

news technology week 11 10 17 apollo 2 640x0

Good news if you want to go to Pluto or Mars. Google has just incorporated 360-degree maps and images of the missions of NASA and other space agencies into its Google Maps service. Depending on the planet, moon or rock, the level of interaction may change due to the technology incorporated in each of the missions. There are 16 maps available outside the land.

The most common problems of iOS 11 and its solutions

news technology week 11 10 17 apple ios 2 640x0

Not only the news of the week is that the iPhone X is already in your hands, but also, Apple released a new version of its operating system, the iOS 11 that is already available in most Android devices. As always, operating systems arrive with unforeseen errors such as the problem of the letter i which is transformed into A followed by a symbol. Apple has already solved the problem but in our article you can find solutions to this and other problems.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Active arrives at AT&T and T-Mobile

news technology week 11 10 17 s8active 640x0

For many, the Samsung Galaxy S8 may not be the best option, but no one can doubt that if you have a tendency to drop the cell phone frequently and if you have already broken the screen of your cell phone several times, the all-terrain version of this cell phone, the Galaxy S8 Active is ideal. The Active is available on AT&T and T-Mobile and costs $ 849 dollars when purchased directly from Samsung.

Apple launch a series with Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon

Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon "data-image-id =" 77693Handout / Getty Images

Handout / Getty Images

Streaming programming is increasingly diversified and although we already know that Apple was planning to produce original programming, this week came the news that one of its series will be starring the famous actresses Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon. Two seasons have been confirmed for now and it's about a morning show.

How much does Netflix really cost?

If you have Netflix for years, you may not know that you are paying for something you do not use. Netflix has slightly increased prices in recent years and added services that you may need. Therefore, here we break down the prices of Netflix services so you know if you are paying more than you owe or if you have options that you can take advantage of.

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