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Most downloaded Apps and Games April 2 week

One more week we have been diving through the net to be able to offer you the Top TEN of free and paid applications and games most downloaded from the AppStore of the new Apple TV. A team that expanded its frontiers of film and series entertainment, to a new universe full of games, channels and applications.

Apple has given wings to developers who have turned to take the most famous applications of our iPhone and iPad for the large monitor of our homes, television.

There are many changes in the Top TEN of all Apps and Games, some great games endure the pull, but it is clear that week after week there will be more movement with each launch of new applications.

We do not entertain you anymore, here you have the Top TEN X 4 of Apps and most downloaded games on Apple TV 4 Generation:

Most downloaded apps for Apple TV

Top 10 Payment Apps

  1. VidLib Your video on demand library (Monitus Apps)
  2. Chameleon Run (Noodlecake Studios)
  3. Power Hover (Oddrok Oy)
  4. AG Drive (Zorg)
  5. Air Video HD – Now for the big screen! (Bit Cave)
  6. Feedlix (Elsa Mourato)
  7. FileBrowserTV (Stratospherix)
  8. NBA 2K16 tvOS (2K)
  9. Sonic CD (Sega)
  10. Transistor (Supergiant Games)

Top 10 Free Apps

  1. Netflix (Netflix)
  2. Hungry Shark Evolution (Future Games of London)
  3. Vevo – Watch Music Videos (Vevo)
  4. La Gallina Pintada and his group of friends: Videos and juices for children (ZeroUm Digital)
  5. Hyper: Best Videos Daily (AntiHero)
  6. Real Racing 3 (Electronic Arts)
  7. Asphalt 8: Airborne (Gameloft)
  8. TED (TED Conferences)
  9. YouTube (Google)
  10. Apple Events (Apple)

Most downloaded Apple TV games

Top 10 Payment Games

  1. Chameleon Run (Noodlecake Studios)
  2. Power Hover (Oddrok Oy)
  3. AG Drive (Zorg)
  4. NBA 2K16 tvOS (2K)
  5. Sonic CD (Sega)
  6. Transistor (Supergiant Games)
  7. 10 Pin Shuffle Pro Bowling (Digital Smoke)
  8. Alto’s Adventure (Snowman)
  9. Beat Sports (Harmonix Games)
  10. Bullet Boy TV (Kongregate)

Top 10 Free Games

  1. Hungry Shark Evolution (Future Games of London)
  2. Real Racing 3 (Electronic Arts)
  3. Asphalt 8: Airborne (Gameloft)
  4. Police Chase Race (BoomBit)
  5. Soccer Pro – Free Football (Inlovewith)
  6. GT Spirit (Eden Games Mobile)
  7. Angry Birds Go! (Rovio Entertainment)
  8. Just Dance Now (Ubisoft)
  9. Zen Pinball (Zen Studios)
  10. Beach Buggy Racing (Vector Unit)

As always we remind you that each and every one of them is linked directly to the App Store so you don't take a second to see them with your own eyes.

Until next week!!