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Mobile promises and is already generating hundreds of thousands of dollars without official release

call of duty mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile is about to arrive officially, although the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 have the exclusive is very likely to have news in a few weeks. However, despite the fact that its official launch has not arrived and that it is only in beta in some regions, it is already generating huge benefits for Activision.

The jump to mobile devices It is a success by Activision and what better way to do it with the most famous franchise: Call of Duty. The insured company that expects that most of the current devices are compatible, does not want anyone to remain without playing their expected new adventure to have, among many other ways, with a Battle Royale at the height of the best.

100,000 dollars in just over a month

According to Venturebeat, Call of Duty: Mobile has already accumulated approximately 530,000 downloads and has already managed to raise $ 100,000 since July 18 alone. And all this despite being available in only two countries: Australia and Canada.

call of duty mobile

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If we compare these figures with those of other popular juices, Call of Duty: Mobile has achieved in its first 21 days of life about 500,000 players, which is half the players that PUBG Mobile managed to attract in its global launch. This means that Call of Duty: Mobile can be a real success when launched globally beating all records.

Every time there is less left so we can enjoy Call of Duty: Mobile on our iPhone and iPad. While we wait, you may want to customize your devices with these amazing Call of Duty iPhone wallpapers. And remember that if you want to try the betas or have the latest information on the expected Activision game, the best thing you can do is register on the official website.