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Meisai, the real-time pixela app

Augmented reality is increasingly important and is having more presence and apps like Meisai take advantage of this functionality to Pixel real-time faces or any other object What approaches with the camera of your iPhone.

The truth is that the augmented reality It is a field that continues to grow and increasingly has uses, on the iPhone for example you can use it to measure things in real time, change the decoration of your home or office from the mobile and before buying any furniture, and many more things that Until now they were not possible.

Meisai It is an application that takes advantage of augmented reality and allows you to run different filters live, that is, you can see how the result looks while using the app. This is thanks to use of ARKit and is only available in a few iPhones.

Image - Meisai, the real-time pixela app

The app basically allows you record a video with the filters you putFor example, you can make a recording and run the filter to pixelate the entire face of a person, ideal if you are recording in a public place and do not want to see people.

Not only that, there are others filters that turn your face into a paint or blur it, you can put a camouflage and even duplicate parts of your body, put a touch of color to your hands or other limbs and many more, it is just a matter of trying all the available ones by sliding the filters that appear on the screen of your phone.

What do you need to use Meisai?

Meisai is able to detect any human silhouette and thanks to this it allows you to try different filters to apply them only to humans, because you see that the background of the videos remain unchanged, even if you are recording with the app while moving.

We must clarify that Meisai can be installed on any iPhone, but it doesn't work on all of them. There are two essential requirements that you must meet if you want to use Meisai to pixelate in real time, they are the following:

  1. iOS 13: You must have iOS 13 installed.
  2. iPhone Xs or newer: the other and the most important is that you must have an iPhone Xs, Xs Max, Xr or even any model of the new iPhone 11 recently presented, if you have an older version it will not work for you.

In fact, if you try to run it, a black screen will appear that informs you precisely that the app is only compatible with the models we have mentioned, so it will close and you will have to uninstall it.

To start using Meisai, download the app from the App Store to start pixelar and apply filters in real timeRemember that you must have a specific iPhone model and must equip iOS 13.

  1. Download Meisai for iOS

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