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Instagram is working on a version of your private messages for the desktop and looks like Messenger

Courtesy of Jane Manchun Wong, the specialist in reverse applications engineering who has previously leaked new features of other services such as Spotify, Twitter or Instagram itself, we get the confirmation that the social network finally You have almost ready your version of 'Direct' for the desktop.

Jane managed to find the code on the desktop version of Instagram, the full section of private Instagram messages, something that we all know, does not currently exist if we enter from a browser on our computer.

Explain that in Instagram Direct for the desktop web, the information of the threads becomes a sidebar just like in the Messenger for the desktop browser.

How to use a more complete version of Instagram from your browser and even send private messages

What we see in the images is simple, it is basically a larger version of the private messages of the application, with the addition of the side panel with information from the participating users and the option to leave the conversation.

Instagram has been working on this function almost all year


Wong had already identified the function more than eight months ago, only that it was barely a prototype and access was quickly deactivated, in addition to there is no desktop version like the one I showed now.

Instagram has taken a lot in everything that has to do with adding functionality to your desktop version, only Windows 10 has an official application, which leaves much to be desired.

Meanwhile, the private Instagram messenger has undergone many changes and spinoffs, not long ago they closed Direct as an independent application, and now we know they are working on Threads, another attempt to compete with Snapchat and unfold.