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Instagram already hides the likes in the posts that are uploaded

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Instagram has been working on many changes in the app for a while. The popular app already shows song lyrics in their stories, as introduced a couple of months ago. In addition to working on changes for the future. One of these changes, which they announced a couple of months ago, is already coming true. They begin to hide the number of likes in the publications.

Instagram already commented long ago that They sought to focus on the quality of the content They go up. So the amount of likes of a photo or of reproductions of a video should not be important. Therefore, they already do tests with hiding them in several countries.

A limited number of users in countries such as Australia, Italy or Canada can see this change now. When we go to a publication in it, you can not see how many likes this photo has. Instagram is already testing and it is planned to expand this function in the coming weeks in more markets.

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Only the person who has uploaded that photo The social network will continue to see this amount of likes. So it will not be public, but that person can continue to have this data. It is information that can be important in many cases, such as for companies, to know if a photo has good acceptance among its followers.

The change was announced a couple of months ago by Instagram itself. Many users have not been completely satisfied, but this does not seem to stop the company in its deployment. A few countries can use it now, while it is expected that throughout the summer it will reach other markets.

Definitely, it's an unusual change for a platform like Instagram, where influencers, be popular and get as many likes or followers as possible seems essential. But we must see if this change of direction manages to maintain its popularity.

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