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Improve portable battery performance: tips and tricks

More and more users are betting on a laptop for their day. The versatility offered by these types of devices, due to the fact that you can take them anywhere, in addition to not needing cables to work, make them an ideal solution in many situations. But, the autonomy of these devices is their great Achilles heel. You want improve battery performance on your laptop with Windows 10? We teach you the best tricks and tips.

First of all, it should be noted that if your computer is too old, and you have not done a correct maintenance, most likely, his autonomy has fallen noticeably. There are cases in which you endure a maximum of one hour on, or worse yet; Just disconnect it from the power, turn it off. In this case, the only thing you can do to improve the performance of the battery in your laptop is to buy a new one.

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But, if you bought it recently, or it lasts at least an hour without a problem, these tricks and tips to improve the performance of the battery in your laptop will be really useful. In addition, they work with any device that works with Windows 10, earlier versions or any other operating system.

Power saving mode interface

Tips to improve battery performance in your laptop

One of the best tricks to increase battery life in any laptop, is to control the brightness level. If you are connected to the power, you can have it to the maximum without any problem. But, in case you are going to use it outside the home, the best thing you can do to improve its performance is to lower the brightness level as much as you can. Yes, it is true that if you are outdoors you will need a higher level of brightness, but everything you can reduce will help you to extend its duration.

The same goes for the different power saving modes Windows 10 and other operating systems. Yes, they are much more useful than you think. To access this section, all you have to do is click on the right mouse button on the battery symbol in the lower right corner of your computer.

Another tip for improve battery performance on any laptop is to take maximum care of this component. And the best for this is to perform a calibration process periodically. The process is really simple: every three months, fully charge your laptop and let it plugged in two more hours. Then, disconnect it from the power and use it until the battery runs out completely. Now, leave it in this state all night, or at least 8 hours, before reloading it.


WiFi and Bluetooth, great enemies of your laptop's battery with Windows 10

Yes, you most likely want to have an Internet connection when you are away from home, but if you are doing a job, watching a movie or doing any other activity that does not need any type of connectivity, disable WiFi and Bluetooth, since consumption will be reduced significantly.

And finally, another really useful trick to improve the performance of your laptop battery, It consists of closing applications that you are not using. Background processes consume more than you think, so while you are not using certain applications, the best thing you can do is close them. As you extend the duration of your computer on.

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