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How to create compressed .ZIP folders on your Android phone

We will have to download a program from the Play Store, we can use whatever we want, but we will use ZArchiver.

How to create a zip file with ZArchiver

The first thing we will have to do is navigate through the program's file explorer until we are in the folder where the files we want to compress are located. Once the folder is found, click on the "+" button. There we will create a name for our file and select the format, it may come 7z, if we want we can change it to zip. We recommend not changing it to tar, since its function is different.

If we would like to modify the location where the file will be saved, we will have to click on the three dots button next to the name. There we can open the file browser and select the destination of the final file. If you do not modify it, it will be stored in the folder where we are located for compression.

Press «OK» and select the files we want.

ZArchiver zip android

Once selected press the "tick" button and accept. It doesn't have to be several files, it can also be a folder to make it easier to send. Automatically start compressing. If you are compressing many files or a large folder take a while, in case it is little, in just a few seconds you will have it.

To see the folder we recommend that you do it from your file manager. You go to the location you need and look for the file. You can all share it from the app you want, be it email, Telegram, WhatsApp, etc. Try to know the limits of space allowed to send each application to ensure that your file can be sent.

zip ZArchiver

You can use the same application, to open or unzip a zip file on your Android, although you can also manage it from the system itself, it is more convenient to do it this way.

And so easy is to compress a zip file with Android. As we said you can use the app that you like, the operation will be different, but not differ much from this, so more or less is to adapt these steps to the application in question.