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How to connect a Bluetooth keyboard to Apple TV

One of the things that users of the fourth generation of Apple TV scream, was to be able to use a Bluetooth keyboard to type and navigate through the different music and video libraries, the App Store and its applications or any other space to write without A keyboard was complicated.

Since the last update 9.2 detvOS, Apple has added the possibility of connecting a Bluetooth keyboard to our Apple TV in a very simple way. In this way, in addition to increasing the speed to search for things, we can benefit from some keyboard shortcuts such as:

  • The key ESC that serves as the button «home«
  • The key F3 to open the mode «multitask«.
  • The key F4 takes us to the upper part automatically

How to connect a Bluetooth keyboard to Apple TV 4

  1. The first thing we must do is update the tvOS version of our Apple TV to the latest version available, tvOS 9.2. For this we are going to settings> system settings> update
  2. We prepare our bluetooth keyboard and leave it on.
  3. We are going to Settings> «controls and Devices» under the label of «other equipment»Click on the option of Bluetooth, at which time we will have to put our keyboard in "link" mode (if you use Apple keyboard, just keep the power button pressed to start the pairing).
  4. Once we have completed the previous step, the keyboard will now appear within the "other equipment" menu
  5. We select it and after waiting a few seconds we are asked to enter a four-digit code to end the process.

How do I disconnect the Bluetooth keyboard from Apple TV 4?

To disconnect the keyboard from the Apple TV 4 we will simply have to go to the "my computers" section within the settings, select our wireless keyboard and choose one of the two options that are given to us:

  • Disconnect the equipment: Temporarily disconnect the bluetooth keyboard.
  • Forget the team: Permanently disconnect the computer from Apple TV.

From now on everything will be as easy as writing on our Mac computer.

Video Tutorial: How to connect a keyboard to Apple TV