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Honor Band 5, the smart bracelet receives music and volume control

One of the most complete smart bracelets on the market, such as the Honor Band 5, continues to receive important updates to deal with and compete with the popular Xiaomi Mi Band 4.

One of the most detected functions of this Honor smart bracelet was the measurement of blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), a key indicator of the supply of oxygen to the cells and tissues of the human body. Now the Honor Band 5 smart bracelet receives music and volume control, offering us greater advantages and one more point in its favor if we are thinking of getting it.

Simple and fast music or volume control from the Honor Band 5

This function allows the user to practice physical activities, taking advantage of the main virtues of smart bracelets and without having to stop or using the smartphone, to change song or increase volume when you need an extra energy.

Honor does not want to miss any possible user, so it wants to offer all its possibilities, competing directly with the Mi Band 4. The Xiaomi smart bracelet It already has this function, which is why it is so important that the Honor Band 5 be able to offer its users the same or more than direct competition.

Honor Band 5 music control update

To allow you to use this new feature, you will have to update the Huawei Health app On your smartphone, if you have not yet received control of music and volume do not despair, the update is done in a staggered way and in the next few days when you update the app and synchronize the bracelet you can take advantage of this new function.

Huawei Health

Huawei Health

An infinite number of applications are compatible with this new function, which includes the most popular music: Google Play Music, Spotify, YouTube, Shazam, Huawei Music and others. To have access to the new player in the Honor Band 5, we only need a smartphone with Android 5.0 or higher.

We are facing one of the smart bracelet that grows more, offers more possibilities and possibly each time with more competition bill. There is a tough opponent in front of him like Xiaomi, although without a doubt, if he continues to work as he is doing with these new functions, the measurement of oxygen in blood and everything that is to come, be a worthy rival for the Mi Band 4 .

From now on play sports be easier, simple and we will not have the possibility of rest with the excuse of raising or lowering the volume, as well as to change the song.