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Google Photos may color your black and white photos soon

google photos you can color black and white photos

Google Photos does not stop launching new functions to continue being the best galley app on Android. This time it has been revealed that the Google application is about to add a new feature that will allow us to give color to black and white photos. So, if you have some old photos that you have always wanted to know how they will be if they were colored, with Google Photos you will soon be able to discover it.

This new function is called “Color”And serve as an additional filter for Google Photos. Already in 2018 this feature had been announced, but Google has had to delay its launch to perfect it. Luckily, the 9to5Google team has already been able to test it in its beta phase and has shown us how it works.

As Google Photos color your photos in black and white

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The function "Coloring" arrive with the Google Photos version 4.26, which is not available even for beta testers. So, to test it, we will have to continue waiting for this version to reach Google Play. From 9to5Google they have already tried it and here we leave you some samples of what you can do.

google photos color black and white photos "width =" 1200 "height =" 276

This function will appear to you when you are editing a black and white photo in Google Photos. It will be displayed as a filter, just after the Original and Auto options. Go out with a rainbow emoji. You just have to press it and Google Photos will do the magic; Automatically color everything that used to be just black and white. Right now the function appears with the BETA label, but we don't know if it will be when it reaches all the devices.

function color google photos "width =" 1200 "height =" 538

As you can see, although the function is still not perfect, it achieves incredible results. How does it do it? Use Artificial Intelligence to determine what color should go in each pixel of the image to recreate it in full color. However, it tends to color the photos in a very vintage way and fails to recreate the authentic colors. Let's not forget that it is still in beta, so Google continues to improve it.

function color google photos 2 "width =" 1200 "height =" 530

As with the text search in the images, Google Photos requires an Internet connection to colorize the photos in black and white. That is, your device cannot apply this filter on its own, You must be connected to the Internet to use it. Even so, the process only takes a few seconds according to those who have been able to try it. Anyway, hopefully it arrives to see how it really works.

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