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Google move Pixel production to Vietnam to avoid future problems with China

Google Pixel 3a

The trade crisis facing the United States and China, has not just come to fruition despite the different attempts by both countries, with tariffs being the part that worries the manufacturers of electronic devices, although not exclusively to this sector.

Although many claim that the United States has a lot to lose, we must bear in mind that at the moment it is China who else is doing it. Many are the manufacturers that are moving their production to other countries such as Apple, who has started manufacturing the iPhone in India. The next one will be Google, who will move production to Vietnam.

According to the media Nikkei, who has published this news, we do not know if the production of Pixel 4 will be affected by this decision, but it is unlikely. The same medium states that Google is working to convert an old Nokia factory in northern Vietnam, specifically in the province of Bac Ninh to manufacture the next generations of the Google Pixel range.

This is the same region where Samsung has many of the manufacturer of the components that it subsequently sells to third parties for 10 years, so Google I would not have supply problems In addition to having at your disposal a large number of jobs qualified enough to manufacture your devices.

Another reason that justifies Google?s decision to move production to Vietnam is the increasingly high manufacturing costs, due to the increase in wages in China in recent years. Google's plans go through being able to manufacture between 8 and 10 million Google Pixel before the end of 2019 from the new facilities, more or less double the production of the previous year.

The Google Pixel 3a has become the super sales that Google was looking for and has not just found, a terminal that for 400 euros, offers us practically the same features as the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, although with a tighter processor.

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