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Flickr announces annual photo contest – Digital Trends Espaol

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We have news for Flickr users: that moment of the year in which the contest takes place has already started Your Best Shot. This year, you can start entering your best photographs from tomorrow, first of December.

This annual competition is a strategy for the Flickr community to share their best photos throughout all photographic genres.

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The first thing you should do is join the group Your Best Shot on Flickr.

Entries will be accepted between December 1, 2016 until January 7, 2017 and although the photo must be uploaded in that period of time, it does not have to have been captured during that year.

Only one entry per user is allowed, so before thinking about raising 10 to increase your chances of winning, check your favorite images with great attention.

In his announcement, Flickr states that what can be described as `the best (photo) usually depends on the eye and the subjectivity of the person who has taken the photo, so the issues are the responsibility of the participant.

Although there are no defined themes and specific genres from where to enter the photo, Flickr will begin to see the entries during the month of December and share thematic collections on his social networks and in his blog, where they are promoting the contest.

Regarding the policies of the contest, Flickr states that entering the contest allows him to share your photographs on his networks and blog, but clarifies that he does not use them to profit money or commercially.

In essence, the terms and policies protect Flickr from possible demands for using your photographs, but they also protect your rights and work that as a photographer you have shared with the company.

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You can join the group now and start heating engines for tomorrow. Start cataloging your photos and think about what you think might be better to participate in a competition like this one at Flickr, where hundreds of professional and non-professional photographers share their best photos.

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Flickr announces annual photo contest – Digital Trends Espaol
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