EBOOKS FORMATS - Popular formats and eBook readers

EBOOKS FORMATS – Popular formats and eBook readers

Digital reading is increasingly loved by people, so knowing the most popular eBook formats It is relevant if you want to get the maximum performance or enjoy this content.

What are the popular eBook formats?

  • MOBI For those who use a Kindle It is the format used. One of the advantages of this eBook format is that Amazon regularly shares this type of content regularly for free. There are also many applications for tablets, Smartphones or desktops that can allow reading this format. Similarly, there are readers in which it is not accepted.
  • ePUB In the beginning only allow text to be read, but currently it provides a fairly complete service to its users. It is used regularly by small stores. It is considered as one of the most versatile and in that sense one of the favorites.
  • TXT It is identified as a format that advocates simplicity, but that same characteristic makes people prefer other options, which is why it is always suggested to convert it into a more complete format. Despite the above, for that simplicity it is an electronic book format that can be read without problems in any electronic reader.
  • PDF Is the best known of all, but it is still controversial if analyzed from usability in electronic readers. This is because not all readers provide support for the PDF format (such as the Kindle), reason more than enough to not be as well seen as most believe in the first instance.
  • FB2 It is an open format for electronic books based on XML. It has become quite popular in recent times, particularly because the structure of the eBook becomes very malleable with it and in that sense the reading is more comfortable for the user.
  • HTML It is an eBook format supported by multiple readers, so in principle there are not many inconveniences that should arise when using it. It has the advantage that the content published in this format can be organized in many different ways and that everything will always be in place.

What is the best electronic book format?

It depends on the electronic reader that is used for reading the eBook. Keep in mind that depending on the device you will be able to read certain formats or not. Anyway, the most usual are the FB2, MOBI, ePUB and PDF (although with many controversies in this regard).

EBook format for kindle

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At first the standard format for Kindle was AZW and in previous devices the format KF8. Despite the above the EPUB Be much more popular. The list of all supported formats are: Kindle Format 8 (AZW3), Kindle (AZW), TXT, PDF, MOBI without applying protection and PRC in the original format; If it is by conversion: HTML, DOC, DOCX, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP.

IPad eBook Format

It is a more versatile device in terms of eBook formats, so they can be: EPUB, PDF, HTML, DOC, DOCX, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TXT. If you choose to convert the format, the possibilities are almost endless.

Convert eBook format

Not all eBook readers have support for reading all the electronic book formats that exist, but in case the user wants to have that content on their device, there are options for convert the format of the eBooks, for example PDF to ePUB, from ePUB to MOBI, among many more alternatives.

  • eBook Online Convert The main advantage is that the online eBook format is converted. It is only necessary to select the type of conversion you are looking for, upload the file and wait for the procedure to end on the platform.
  • Caliber It is a desktop program. It is probably the most used, because it includes a function to create a library with all the material. The conversion is done at the same time that the book is transferred to the electronic reader that connects and synchronizes.
  • To ePUB Is a online app to convert eBooks where only the file in question is uploaded, the options are configured according to what is sought, expected and finally the eBook is downloaded.

Use of eBooks in education

Clearly the eBooks are part of the education of the future, and while some people may resist, it is because they still did not realize that they can hardly delay it, but clearly not stop it. There are many benefits that this brings, which we will review:

  • They are friendly to the environment – Billions of less paper sheets will be in circulation; Cleaner and less wood.
  • They are portable, economical and ergonomic – With what you buy all the books of 1 year, you buy your first digital reader; The rest of the years and uses that you are going to give it, is all part of an improvement in the personal economy. They are portable and ergonomic since with the passage of time they will offer more and more reading facilities, in addition to being lighter so it avoids unnecessary loads.
  • They adapt better, are customizable– Vision problems? Do you want to look for a new learning strategy? EBooks will allow it without problems.