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Create and edit screenshots and videos professionally

Multimedia studio

One of the best ways to share certain information in the technological field is through a screenshot, a video or different multimedia content, since as much as we try to express ourselves verbally or in writing, there is no doubt that a picture is worth a thousand words and this type of multimedia content is highly demanded and used by users of all kinds.

Since the beginning of time, Microsoft includes in its operating system the possibility of capturing the screen and working with this image, but the editing options it offers are few and this means that it fails to satisfy many users, who end up opting for some software developed by third parties that performs these functions.

And this is the idea we bring today, because thanks to Snap 2018, a free and valid software for Windows 10, we will have a huge range of possibilities in terms of editing screenshots and editing videos., all in a very professional but simple way that will help you achieve the expected results in a short time.

Snap 2018

The list of specifications is huge, but We will summarize the ones we think are the most interesting.

  1. Capture Modes:
    • Create screenshots of the full 3D screens of the games
    • Auto-insert watermarks
    • Create multiple image collages
  2. Video captures:
    • Pause and continue recordings
    • Add effects to mouse click
    • See the length of the recording
  3. Improved management:
    • Create animated GIFs, for example, for memes
    • Multiple monitor captures with resolution up to 4k
    • Smart backup mechanism
  4. Ashampoo Snap website
    • Video resizing for extreme resolutions
    • Auto-resize images before sending
    • Print several files at once
  5. Edit Mode
    • Copy images between screenshots
    • Insert images saved locally in screenshots
    • Clone objects for reuse
    • Draw continuous lines with the dot-line tool
    • Apply gradients to many objects

As we see, the possibilities offered by this tool are incredible and more considering that it has no cost and that we can use the full version indefinitely, so if you want to work almost professionally in multimedia environments, do not hesitate to try the software we bring today and increase your chances of success.

Snap 2018 | to download

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