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Connect the PS4 controller to your Android phone to play with Remote Play

At the beginning of October 2019, Sony gave a news expected by many users of PlayStation 4: Remote Play was already available for Android phones. Until that time, only those with Sony terminals or with the iOS operating system can connect the remote from PS4 to mobile to play.

Fortunately, that is a thing of the past and t, With your Android phone, you can play PlayStation 4 video games remotely. To do this, you must first meet a series of requirements that we will discuss below, along with the steps to enjoy the renewed Sony Remote Play.

Connect the PS4 controller to your Android phone to play with Remote Play

As Sony has announced, the Playstation 7.00 update is already a reality, and it comes loaded with news. The most important in this case is the possibility of playing remotely with your Android mobile. Therefore, the requirement you must meet is to have updated the game console to version 7.00 launched by Sony.

Next, you should check that your mobile has the operating system Android 5.0 or higher. If so, the next thing you should do is download the Remote Play app from the Google app store.

After this download, you already have everything you need to connect the PS4 controller to your mobile. Make sure that both the phone and the console are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, It is a key factor when playing remotely. Then follow these steps:

  1. Press and hold both the PS and Share buttons on the remote until the white backlight starts to flash.
  2. On the mobile, go to Settings> Connections> Bluetooth and select PS4 DualShock Controller to connect to the remote.
  3. Once connected mobile and remote, you have to transmit the image of the PS4 on the small screen. Open the PS4 Remote Play app and log in with your PlayStation account.
  4. Automatically, the application start searching for a PS4 to connect. To save time, select Register manually.
  5. On PS4, go to Settings> Remote Use connection settings and select Enable Remote Use to enable the function. Within that same menu, select Add device.
  6. An 8-digit code appears on the screen that you must enter in the PS4 Remote Play app. Thus, you can see the PS4 interface on the small phone screen. Take the control and scroll through the interface to open the applications you want.

PS4 Remote Play App

As conditions when playing PS4 on your mobile, Note that PlayStation VR games are not supported, nor those that need other controls or special controls. For the rest, you will have no problem playing your favorite PS4 games remotely with your Android phone.

Alternatives to play console / computer games from the mobile

Since Sony doesn’t allow PS4 games to play on Android phones using Remote Play, some users devised how to do it with Steam Link. This tool was born to stream computer games on mobile, but multiplied its options after the launch of Remote Play. First of all, what you need is the following:

  1. A Windows or Mac computer with Steam Link and PS4 Remote Play configured.

  2. An Android phone or tablet with the Steam Link application.

  3. A high speed internet connection.

Once you meet the requirements, You should follow these steps to play PS4 on your mobile:

  1. On the computer, open the Remote Play application and connect to the PlayStation 4 console to start playing.

  2. Now, open Steam Link on your computer and connect to your Android device.

  3. Press Start playing on Steam Link, and wait for the application to be in full screen mode.

  4. Enter the Remote Play window through the Alt + Tab key combination on your computer if you are on Mac, Command + Tab.

  5. The PlayStation 4 game will be shown through Steam Link, and you can now play from your Android phone or tablet.

In this case, The Dualshock remote must be connected to the computer via USB cable So you can play This way is much more complicated than using Remote Play directly on your Android after Sony update. However, if the connection between mobile and PS4 does not work well, using Steam Link is always a useful alternative.

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