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Change WhatsApp Letter Size on iPhone

From the moment the instant messenger came out, WhatsApp It has become part of our day to day. The interaction with our friends and family is very simple and practical at the same time. WhatsApp Let you have long and extensive conversations as many times as you want, with whoever you want and wherever you want whenever you have an internet connection.

Therefore, there are people who use them constantly, for work, general communication or love. That constant use requires that the application should correctly and clearly convey your messages, that is, they can be read correctly.

There are people with vision problems, and they increase the chat size of their messages in WhatsApp to be able to read more effectively. Like those who work with tablets or through the PC, they do the same procedure to adjust their vision to their work. And, that is why, this article teaches how change font size by WhatsApp, on iPhone. We refer to this process on iPhone since it differs from others, as in Android or other devices.

Without further ado, then follow the next steps that will teach you how to modify the size and letter of your Whatsapp and get the best results from it, and thus be able to take care of your vision in such a way that you don't have to try harder enough.

Step 1: Locate the WhatsApp Menu on iPhone

Enter the menu of your phone, and go to the application of WhatsApp. When you are inside, locate the option of “Settings“, Which is located on the right side of the lower corner, of the main navigation menu.

Step 2: Select “Chat Settings

After selecting the main settings, a new window will be displayed, where we will select Chat Settings. In l, we will find several options to modify the environment of our chat and the security systems there are for him.

Step 3: WhatsApp Chat Options

In the next menu, there will be options that modify the characteristics of the chat in general, but which interests us and you must select, is the option “Font Size".

Step 4: Choose the Font Size of your Preference

This new window offers the default options for WhatsApp for the font size of the conversations individual and group. These options are shown as small, large, medium and giant, as shown inside the boxes. Each one is written, showing their example in size. At this time, you can choose the size that is most convenient for you.


  • It is possible that the modification of the font size in the chats, as many times as you want.
  • Different sizes have different utilities. A normal font size, allows a clear and normal view of the chat being read, on normal devices. When the smart phone is small, it is better for the size to be large, and when we work on a tablet, the small ones are very good for handling the large flow of messages from a group or a personal chat.