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availability and price in Spain

In the middle of July, the entertainment giant announced a reduced version of its acclaimed hybrid between desktop console and portable console. The wait has been eternal but, two months later, we can finally buy the Nintendo Switch Lite in Spain. But, considering its benefits and starting price, is it worth it?

To start, we know that, through Amazon we can buy the Nintendo Switch Lite at a price of 218.37 euros thanks to the 5 percent discount to celebrate its official launch. A difference of 80 euros compared to the Nintendo Switch, although the differences between the two models are evident.

Nintendo Switch Lite

Which is better to buy, the Nintendo Switch Lite or the Nintendo Switch?

You don't know what option to buy? Let's see the advantages and disadvantages of the Nintendo Switch Lite with respect to the most vitaminized model. To begin, it should be remembered that, when we had the opportunity to try the Nintendo desktop console, the sensations were really good.

Although, when used as a portable console we find a problem: its limited autonomy. And this is one of the strengths of the Nintendo Switch Lite. More than anything, because it offers an average of 2 more hours of battery than the original model, so it is a very important factor to consider if you are going to use it a lot outside the home.

And the difference in screen diagonal between the two models is almost nil; The Nintendo Switch Lite reaches 5.5 inches, while the original Nintendo Switch stays at 6.2 inches, offering both models the same resolution. On the other hand, the console that has just arrived in Spain is also a bit lighter, which makes it ideal to take you wherever you want.

Nintendo Switch

These are the main negative aspects of the new Lite version of Nintendo Switch

The problem with the Nintendo Switch Lite comes with the fact that does not have the Joy-Con, or desktop mode. And this is a clear disadvantage. For starters, you won't be able to enjoy the full catalog available on the original Nintendo Switch. Quite simply, those games that need to use the console controls will not be compatible with the Lite version.

The same goes for the new Nintendo Switch Ring Fit Adventure peripheral. A device that comes to succeed Wii Fit, offering a really fun way to play sports. And the lack of a dock to connect the Nintendo Switch Lite to your Smart TV prevents you from enjoying this title.

So what to do? Our answer is clear: if you are mainly looking for a quality console to use in portable mode, rate buy the Nintendo Switch Lite. Or what is the same: if you are going to play a lot outside the home, and you will barely use the desktop option, it is the best option to consider. In addition, it costs less than 220 euros.

However, if you want to fully enjoy the catalog available for the last console of the Japanese entertainment giant, and having a little less autonomy is not a problem for you, the Original Nintendo Switch It is the best option to consider.