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as takes advantage of Google Discover

At this point it is not necessary to explain that the technique of clickbait is to get clicks through sensational headlines and that fake news They are what their own name indicates, fake news. However, between one phenomenon and another, the deceptive headlines that, with a ambiguous wording, they seem to imply a fact that the content of the news they precede denies.

One of the most sounded and blatant cases is the one that has been starring for a long time Gol newspaper, a digitally sporting means of communication that throws headlines repeatedly into the network cut by the same pattern: the phrase "'He has died'" or similar followed by the name of one or several celebrities. Some headings that lead to error, misinformation and … many clicks.

Headlines that lead to error, misinformation and … many clicks: 'Diario Gol' has had a growth of over 8,000% since March

Annotation 2019 10 10 160720 Partial view of numerous news from 'Diario Gol' in which they use the formula "He has died" or similar along with the name of different celebrities.

Just use the commands of the Google search engine to see the size of the practice. We type site: "is dead" and along several pages of results we can see all the content of this type that has been published by the sports medium over the last months.

Some headlines imply that the death of a person who is not cited has been lamented by the character or famous people mentioned. But nevertheless, other headlines still more ambiguous cause one to think that the mentioned personality has passed away. And it has been seen live and direct.

Fake news websites generate more than 200 million dollars annually showing advertising according to a study

The alleged death of Mara Teresa Campos

  Maria Teresa Campos and Spain in Mourning Just Died Google Chrome 2019 10 10 17 28 45

This Wednesday, the television show MYHYV de Cuatro started with his host, Toi Moreno, crying. With an obvious state of nervousness, the driver apologized to the audience and said a few seconds ago that I had read an information, deca, that was not yet proven.

"We contrast it, right? It's Teresa Campos. I hope it's not true.", say what your television mentor was while the cameras focused on her.

Moreno was being the victim of a publication of Gol newspaper, published a day before, that vein illustrated with a photograph of the professional veteran and was entitled: "'He has just died'. Mara Teresa Campos and Mourning Spain". Although the information refers to the death of journalist Pepe Oneto, the headline and the image lead to the mistake if the news is not read.

A presenter of Cuatro began her program crying after having read, a few seconds before starting, a headline of 'Diario Gol' that seemed to signal the death of her friend and companion Mara Teresa Campos

The presenter returned to ensure that messages from psame were being sent to the cell phone for the alleged death of Mara Teresa Campos, but she had not died. Fields entered by phone in the program to deny the information with a sneer: "I am not dead, I am alive, but they will kill me upset".

The shocking moment starring Toi Moreno and the viralization of the news have made the alleged deceased decided to take legal action against the environment, as reported in the program Everything is a lie of four. Not for being false news as such, because he thinks it is not, but for the more than obvious ambiguous wording of the owner.

However, it is not the first time that a deceitful holder of 'Diario Gol' causes such a stir and causes doubt about the possible death of a famous person. Already in summer, a story entitled "'Appears dead' Jordi Cruz, Pepe Rodrguez and MasterChef dismayed" caused that it was thought that the young Catalan chef had died, extreme that they denied from Damn Bulo.

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The crux of the matter: visits

Photo 2019 10 10 18 31 26

The objective of this practice carried out on a recurring basis by 'Diario Gol' is not to misinform or cheat directly, but to attract the attention of users to get visitors. Specially for get traffic through Discover, the Google mobile content recommender, which feeds in a different way to the Mountain View search engine.

The theory of the tool used in millions of mobile phones is that the original content is rewarded, showing users according to their interests, search or preferences. But nevertheless, that it is an original content does not mean that it is a quality or accurate content. And it is not difficult to find social users dissatisfied with the type of content that comes through Discover.

Diario Gol has become the third sports newspaper in Spain per visit and, according to themselves, they are "the most popular exclusive sports portal on the Internet" in the country

Either way, Gol newspaper It has become the third most important sports newspaper in Spain in terms of visits, only surpassed by Brand Y Ace. "Thanks in part to this kind of deceptive content," he says The world, which takes as reference the Comscore index of the month of August. The publication controlled by the ED Group, in addition, has experienced a growth of more than 8,000% since March. They themselves claim to be "the most popular exclusive sports portal in Spain".

Since Genbeta we have contacted Google to offer us an assessment on this matter and, for the moment, we have only received in response the actions they claim to carry out to combat disinformation.