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Artificial Intelligence: the vision of Mediatek

Currently the technology that runs inside our devices is something that advances by leaps and bounds. Every day we witness something that in the future will revolutionize the world as we know it.

One of these great advances is the acclaimed artificial intelligence which has managed to get into the depths of the latest generation smartphones, representing a trend that is even an important factor for competition between companies. To give us an idea, The international consultant Gartner talks about approximately 80% of mobile devices will include this technology by 2022. It is something that seems far away, but time is running faster than we appreciate.

Mediatek in its passage through Artificial Intelligence

We know that Mediatek It is one of the companies that currently participates in the development of these new technologies since it is practically dedicated to placing the heart of some of our favorite devices. In favor of this, the company organized a workshop with experts to present the latest advances that have been made mainly in smartphones. The most interesting points were:

  • APU processors: These types of processors have been specially designed to perform the tasks that artificial intelligence needs without losing a balance between optimal performance and energy consumption. This can be found in the Mediatek Helio P60 and P22.

  • Neuro Pilot: A development ecosystem for Artificial Intelligence that makes use of APU processors as a neuron and thus perform different functions. It basically allows you to use the development tools and execute the tasks on the devices through the APU, speeding up the work.

Functionalities that allow the inclusion of Artificial Intelligence

  • FACE ID: New algorithms that have been implemented will provide greater and better biometric security to keep the information of our protected devices going beyond the use of simple access codes.
  • Smart album: The recognition of parameters will make the user experience when entering the galley completely change making the search for content more efficient.
  • Smart camera: The way in which photographs are taken is improved depending on the environment and the objective to be photographed. Allow to execute changes in real time as is the beautification and improve the handling of the apps using different commands through even the voice.

  • Smart cameras 2.0: Apart from taking photos, you can interact with the environment recognizing the elements around us. Augmented reality take a much more important role.

  • Targeting: The user will be the main learning guide for artificial intelligence because through its behavior and tastes the device will learn and adapt. Resources such as the battery, RAM and storage are optimized.

AI is creating a revolution in the way we use our smartphones, thanks to the technology implemented by MediaTek it will be possible to combine the user experience with optimal device performance

  • Alexander Rojas, Business Development Manager for Latin America at MediaTek

Mediatek seems to come with everything to the competition, so much so that I also take the opportunity to present the Nokia 5.1 Plus which already operates this kind of technology with the APUs mentioned above. What do you think about this great bet? Do you think artificial intelligence dominate the world? We read them in the comments.

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