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All you have to know about the Netflix Sabrina series

Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (or Sabrina, Things of Witches ?in Spain) was one of the television programs that marked the 90s and if you grew up in that decade, you would like to know that you can soon see a new version. The new series will come on Netflix and be produced by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, who also produces Riverdale of CW.

Third and fourth season confirmed

Good news for the fans of this series! A few days after the special episode of Sabrina, calledA winter tale,Netflix and The wrap have confirmed that this dark and even funny story of witches and mortals, not only have a second season, but also a third and fourth.

With nothing more and nothing less than a video of Salem, Sabrina's famous pet and protector, Netflix announced that the third and fourth season of this series will feature 8 episodes each. In addition, it was also announced that these chapters will begin recording in 2019.

Recently, the creator and executive producer, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, said in a statement Praise Be Satans! I am very grateful to my Warner Brothers, Netflix, Berlanti Television and Archie Productions partners for supporting this darker vision of the world's most famous teenage witch.

Special episode

If you are very fan of the series Sabrina's hidden world, the new version of Sabrina, the teenage witch, you would like to know that Netflix has decided to add to the series a special episode, baptized as A winter tale, which are released on December 14, a few days before Christmas. In this extra chapter we will see how the winter solstice is celebrated, that is, the longest night of the year, when families gather around the fire to sing Christmas carols and tell spooky stories. But, as Netflix advances, one never knows what can enter through the chimney. We will have to see what exactly happens.

A few days before the premiere, Netflix unveiled a preview of this episode, launching a trailer that shows us how the longest night of the year is celebrated at the Spellman House Ready to know another way to celebrate Christmas? Surely be very different from how you celebrate it at home. The special episode is now available on Netflix.

Second season

Just when the first season of the Sabrina series has arrived on Netflix, it has been confirmed that the story of the charming witch will have a second season.

What's more, the second season has already started shooting. So, the web pageBloody DisgustingNote that, in the words of Kierna Shipka herself, who embodies Sabrina, we know that they went ?directly to the second season and it was really fun to record,? as the actress emphasizes.

New video behind the camera

A few days after the Sabrina series officially opens, Netflix offers us a new video behind 2-minute cameras with 19 seconds, where the main actors talk about their characters and the plot so interesting and diverse that this series contains. Apparently, said by the artists themselves, this production is very different from the original "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" and it is impossible that she could not sympathize with any of the characters.

Two new trilers

The Netflix Sabrina series is scheduled to launch in late October 2018.

But the company has recently released a complete trailer that allows us to see better what awaits us. Yes the teaser He did a good job giving an idea about the series, the trailer gives us more clues about the characters of the series.

It also provides insight into how the series use the darker side of Sabrina's life to contrast her life in high school. That said, if you want to start this series without any previous hint, we recommend that you avoid this trailer, as it seems to give us some elements of the plot.

In addition to the full trailer, Netflix has also released a teaser Short of a minute that does not give us much information about the plot and the plot, but that, nevertheless, does a good job transmitting the "mood" of the series.

Main art

the Netflix Sabrina series

Along with the release of the new trailer for 'The Hidden World of Sabrina', Netflix also unveiled the main art of the series, which shows the young woman (half witch, half mortal) lying down, with a magic book, a bell, a ball with the number eight and the famous pet (present in the original series) the cat Salem. In addition, it refers to the release date to be the next October 26.


While Sabrina was the main character, other characters such as Tas Hilda (Lucy Davis) and Zelda (Miranda Otto), with whom Sabrina alive, will also be present. As in the series of 90, we can see two very different personalities in these tas: Hilda is more loving, while Zelda is more strict.

For his part, Sabrina's misplaced boyfriend, Harvey Kinkle will also be present in the series and be played by Ross Lynch. On this occasion, Harvey does not know that Sabrina is half a witch.

Other secondary characters are Mary Wardwell or Madame Satn (played by Michelle Gmez), Sabrina's favorite teacher. Ambrose Spellman (Chance Perdomo) is Sabrina's cousin who was placed under house arrest by the Bruges Committee.

Other characters in the series are Father Blackwood, several friends of Sabrina, Nicholas Scratch and the strange sisters.