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Alexa Auto SDK 2.0 allows you to navigate in tunnels without coverage

Every day it is easier to find in our homes intelligent technology and in turn more devices with voice assistance to make our daily lives simpler. Similarly, these functions are also being applied in our cars, being more difficult to implement, since our vehicles are not connected all the time during a road trip, parking, or tunnels. More and more users look at whether a GPS system or intelligent voice assistance is implemented in the cars they are going to buy, and this determines the decision of which one to buy. This is why Amazon announcement the general availability of Alexa Car SDK 2.0.

This version implements a set of tools that allow Alexa to reproduce music, perform the navigation and control the basic functions of the car and even allows the user to access the assistant voice when Internet connectivity is little or no. Something thanked by those who travel by car and lose connection at the precise moment when they hear a good song on the radio.

Voice commands without connection

Alexa Auto SDK 2.0 supports features such as recognition from voice and the text to voice, as well as other capabilities, such as media streaming, notifications, weather reports and more than 90,000 third-party voice applications. It can be updated in a way wireless and is included in the extension Local Voice Control, which incorporates a reduced version of automatic voice recognition (ASR) and natural language understanding (NLU) based on the Alexa cloud in the infotainment system of a vehicle. Now, even when disconnected from the Internet, the voice assistant understand and respond to commands referring to music and radio, navigation, calls or car control such as "Alexa, turn on the air conditioner", "tune 40.1 FM" or "call Pepe".

You can tell Alexa to delete the conversations, so you can get it

With this, the SDK in its version 2.0, includes documentation for operating systems Android, Linux, Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) and QNX in Arm and x86 processor architectures. It also includes ready-to-run sample applications for most automotive platforms and design guidelines, including C ++ and Java libraries that facilitate the processing of audio inputs and triggers and help establish a connection with the Alexa service.

Beat the competition

The Amazon Auto Alexa team presented the Auto SDK as a direct competition of the Siri in CarPlay Apple's platform Houndify from Soundhead and the Google Assistant in Android Car . Since then, Amazon has worked with car manufacturers such as Ford, as well as with companies like Anker, to incorporate your assistant in vehicles and accessories in the aftermarket.

The best tricks to take advantage of Amazon's Alexa assistant

This is not the only technology that Amazon has made aimed at vehicles since, last year it launched Threw out Car, a cassette-shaped device that uses Alexa for voice recognition which extracts power from a standard 12V power outlet or a USB port. It runs a custom operating system, has eight microphones and synchronizes with the car through Bluetooth or a 3.5 mm port through the smartphone. Alexa every day becomes smarter with new features to make the information in the cloud easier and more accessible for the user.