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A YouTube live is doubling the Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold

After a long wait, finally the Samsung Galaxy Fold has already Arrival date in Spain: October 18. The folding phone of the South Korean firm had to delay its launch, delay its launch due to the problems encountered with its screen and hinge. That is why many users who already have the device are doing all kinds of tests to show your resistance.

If a few days ago it was announced that an analyst was I broke the screen of the Galaxy Fold in just one day; now from CNET he wanted to test the resistance of the folding phone and they are folding and unfolding your screen hundreds of thousands of times in a live through your YouTube channel. For this, they have placed the terminal on a machine that is carrying out this test, which has a large number of spectators on the well-known video platform.

At this time, if you access the video you can see that the machine has already been able to fold and unfold the screen of the Samsung Galaxy Fold more than 115,000 times, as an indicator shows. At the moment it remains to be seen the result of this test, and check if the display of the foldable phone of the Asian manufacturer has been able to keep up the pace and if you have endured the full test without any scratch.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold will support 200,000 folds and deployments

In the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy Fold the firm already assured that its folding phone will support 200,000 folds and deployments, which will amount to five years of use at the rate of 100 openings a day. After the problems suffered both on the screen and on the hinge, the new smartphone arrives with a redesign that supposedly avoids any type of damage.

It should be noted that no person fold or deploy their Samsung Galaxy Fold so many times in such a rapid succession of time, but this type of tests is used to check the hardness and resistance of the device screen, which has caused so many problems in the past.

UPDATE: As can be seen live, the test has stopped at 119,380 foldedsince they have been found Galaxy Fold screen failures, such as a horizontal line of dead pixels or setbacks in the hinge.

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