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a great game with a great story

From time to time, a game that has previously triumphed on other platforms comes to mobile phones. It is the case of Life is Strange, a adventure game created by Square Enix some years ago that we now have available on mobile.

We are facing a rather unusual proposal, a quiet adventure that sometimes looks more like an interactive movie than the games we usually watch on mobile.

An incredible story

The central axis of this game is photography. And time travel. We are facing an adventure that mixes teenage problems with the most classic fiction and we see it from the first scene.

It is a fairly long game, composed of multiple chapters within which we will live certain scenes that we must complete in order to move forward and save our position in the game. This is one of the problems because sometimes these are too long and it forces us well to start it from scratch at another time if we are to stop or finish it, without knowing very well how long we will take it.

Very valid graphics

We could say that the quality of the graphics is not the best that we have seen but the game of blurring in the scenes, the camera movements and the cinematographic planes easily supply that.

In addition, visually it is very attractive and the lights and textures help to integrate into the story. So does a soundtrack that has been awarded.

Your decisions matter

In some points of the game we can make opposing decisions. Depending on what we choose the story will go by some paths or by others and our experience will be affected.

But if at any time we are wrong we can make use of the power that allows us to go back in time and otherwise perform whatever we have failed. The knowledge and objects of the inventory we had before going back will remain with us which will save us time in future decisions.

The most important thing is that, Depending on the decisions we make, the game will have an end or another.

First episode free, the rest, paid

We can install the game without paying although we can only play one episode. If we want to follow the story we must pay 9.99 euros for the complete game or we must pay for the chapters independently.