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ZenBook Duo: They are the best laptops of this year

What are you willing to do to have more screen space on your laptops?Thereplyfrom ASUS It was (perhaps) guessed by those who know the company's laptops (Zephyrus S):move the keyboard down to touch the bottom edge of the notebook and use the space above to insert a second screen.Simple, isn't it? Here's the ZenBook Duo.

Technical characteristics – ASUS Zenbook Duo

Zenbook Duo

This new series, which at the moment consists of only two products, revolutionizes the concept of work in motion, allowing unparalleled multitasking with an unexplored potential. The 15.6 “model, in particular, which is the maximum level of the range, counts with processors untilninth generation Core i9(but also the i7 variant), the cardRTX 2060and the4K OLED HDR display.

These are already amazing features, but they don't end here, because we also havesupport for Wi-Fi 6,Bluetooth 5.0, until32 GB of RAMY1 TB of PCIe x4 SSD, but above all a second screen, always 4K (3,840 x 1,100 pixels 14 ") but not OLED, with opaque coating to combat reflections (from the main screen, but not only), touch and with support for any type ofpencil, good or bad, throughWindows Ink

ScreenPad Plus, a novelty to try

Obviously, this peculiarity, called ScreenPad Plus, that It is based on the experience accumulated with the ScreenPad, taking it to a different form factor. Windows sees this second screen as if it were a second external screen.

Then you can disable itor even use itas an alternative to the main screen, turning off the latter. You can drag your applications from the big screen to the small one, or send them from one to another through a practical shortcut that appears as an overlay every time you drag a window.

Taking advantage of the automatic size change, it is possible to place up to 3 applications on the ScreenPad Plus, side by side, to make the most of all available space.

But the most useful thing is that you cancreate up to 4 presetsDo you want the browser to be full screen, while the file manager and Telegram run on the ScreenPad Plus? Simply select the programs you want, and just by touching a shortcut, they will open exactly where and as you wish, maximizing your productivity.

And if at any time you need as much space as possible, you can see a “full screen” application,as if the two screens were oneSeeing images and text running from one screen to another is almost hypnotic, but beyond the technical effect, it also has its usefulness, especially in certain contexts.

You can use it even as an assistant to create amazing things in Adobe

But it's not over yet, because some applications in particular take advantage of the ScreenPad Plus toadditional controls, a little as they did in the small ScreenPad, but bigger.

Zenbook Duo

The suite ofAdobeyou can place certain functions on the bottom screen, leaving all the 15.6 ”space to display images or videos: think about having the Premiere timeline at the bottom, and the video at the top, or Photoshop filters to continued and the image above, and so on.

Other software, such as the Microsoft SuiteOfficeor the graphics applications ofCorel I am able to exploit this possibility, and in the future it will also be possible to further customize this area, for example with links to the most common file operations (cut, paste, save, etc.) or with useful shortcuts such as undo / redo , and much moreASAS has already shown that it has not abandoned the Screenpad at all, and for this reason, we are confident that he will "pamper" the ScreenPad Plus over time.

Zenbook Duo UX481

We haven't said anything about the smaller ZenBook Duo, which is a 14 "Full HD non-touch (the main screen) with ScreenPad Plus 12.6" 1080p touch, Core i7 processors and MX250 graphics. we face a decidedly less powerful model, destined for a more conventional market, but still with the innovative ScreenPad Plus, which may still be good for most users, especially those looking for greater portability. being smaller and lighter (1.5 Kg against 2.5 of 15.6 “).

Last note on the keyboard, which touches the edge of the laptop in both cases. For this reason, thetouch panelIt has moved to the side and also functions as a virtual numeric keypad, thanks to the simple press of a button that makes the numbers appear superimposed.

Just keep in mind that the 14 "model, being thinner, has a rigid and non-clickable touch panel, so it was necessary to add the corresponding buttons for the right and left clicks; the 15.6" model instead has the Classic touch panel without keys, which can be clicked, because it is less thin.

In this sense, always in 15 ", in the package also find apalm restspecialincluded to help you better support your palms if you have to type for a long time. At 14 ", this need is not so urgent, since the height of the laptop is less and the experience is practically similar to that of an external keyboard.

In conclusion

In short, the ScreenPad Plus It really promises to be “the next big thing” in the portable world, certainly in the home of ASUS, and the support already seems very good, because in part it derives from that of ScreenPadThe doubts are obviously in theprice, that being the first generation is undoubtedly of a high level, and inautonomous, since it is still an additional screen.

The batteries supplied to the two models are of the order of 70Wh for each one, therefore, not as a record, and since 15 “in particular it is difficult to snatch several hours of autonomy.

But we will talk about this in due time, because at the moment they are all guesses.The launch should take place in the fall, although there is still no precise date, but do not doubt that we will be attentive to the new ZenBook Duo.For now, we leave you the preview of our video, the relative images and the press release in English, which contains thetechnical sheetComplete the two notebooks. Just consider that some specifications may vary with arrival in our market.