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You can now use Instagram calm: the "following" tab disappears

Instagram continues to update its experience little. A few hours ago the dark mode finally came to iOS 13 and now we know that the company is eliminating the "following" tab, in which the likes and comments that your friends have made in other accounts appear.

Surely, many users did not like this section, as they might want keep the interactions they make with other accounts "private". As the following capture obtained by Buzzfeed shows, from now on we will only see a large section called "Activity".

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Start reaching all users

That means when we open the application and click on the heart-shaped icon that appears in the bottom bar, we will no longer see two totally differentiated sections. Instagram had been testing this new design for weeks, and now it is starting to reach all users.

Vishal Shah, product manager of the company, tell Buzzfeed that many users don't really know what kind of information can be seen by their followers. This will be the reason behind this update:

"People were often unaware of what activity was surfacing. So it is not serving the use you built it, and it is causing people to be surprised when activity appears."

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The truth is that this type of information can feed certain attitudes stalker, and it seems to many that it doesn't make much sense to be able to see what kind of posts other users like.

Anyway, it is no news. If you open your Twitter feed, you will surely find many tweets of accounts that you do not follow (since other users you follow have liked those publications).

At the moment, I still do not see this change (on Android), but this update is expected to reach all users this week.