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With this app you will have portrait mode on any iPhone

Portrait mode

One of the most popular applications to edit your photos is Spotlights, an application that appeared after the launch of the iPhone XS and XR and that allows you to take one of the features of these devices to the rest of the iPhone with a camera. Thanks to Spotlights all users with an iPhone with portrait mode can edit the depth and the intensity of the blur, now the app has been updated bringing portrait mode to everyone.

If you have an iPhone with a single lens, you are in luck because Spotlights is now also compatible with photos that have not been taken in portrait mode. This means that it is compatible with devices such as the iPhone 6s, 7 or 8 and with photos that we have taken without active portrait mode.

The definitive app to control portrait mode

With the latest update to version 2.0 Spotlights is now able to bring portrait mode to any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch compatible with iOS 11. It is probably the best option for iPhone with a single lens to use portrait mode.

?_ Version 2.0 allows you to edit all images of any device, even those with only one camera. With advanced machine learning technology, calculates the depth of field automatically for each photo. Now you can use this depth map and get a beautiful bokeh effect with all the tools at your disposal_ ?.

If Spotlights was already the best application to edit your photos in portrait mode With this update your download becomes essential. Now anyone can take pictures with portrait mode regardless of their device and the results are quite similar to those obtained by devices with two Apple cameras.

App Spotlights example

As you can see the result is incredible and you can edit any type of photo you have on your iPhone or iPad. You can also make a large number of advanced settings and adjust the depth of portrait mode to your liking.

If you want to have the portrait mode on an iPhone 6, 6s, 7, 8 or on an iPad, the best way is to install this application, which is also completely free.