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With new operating system, Roku is faster and customizable

Roku Express, Chromecast, Fire TV Stick or Roku StickRoku has announced new versions for 2019 of two of its most popular transmission devices, including an update of its high-end Roku Ultra and, at the other end of the spectrum, its Roku Express 1080p. However, today's news is the update of the Roku operating system to version 9.2, which begins to be implemented for users as of October with several useful and fun features, including some new ways to search for your favorite movies.

Roku OS 9.2 operating system: better than ever

Version 9.2 of the operating system offers advanced search, including Roku areas, designed to facilitate the search of films by genre. That means you can choose movies of various genres (action, comedy and suspense, several of them in 4K), which should be a reason for joy for anyone who has trouble finding good productions.

Zones are constantly updated with the latest content, from multiple channels (i.e. applications), all labeled so that you can easily see where each movie or program is available. The rows in each zone are navigable, making the interface much more similar to those of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Android TV.

There is also a new way to find a movie without even knowing the title or any of the actors: all you need to know is some famous phrase that characterizes it. Thousands of very popular quotes from the best movies have been added to Roku's search engine, which means, for example, if you say the words ?need for speed?, Direct you to Top gun, or if you say Ill be back you can see Terminator with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Devices for all tastes and pockets

news roku ultra devicesRoku Express

The updated Roku Express of $ 30 dollars is now 10 percent smaller. It is still only for streaming in 1080p and has everything you need, including a basic Roku remote control and an HDMI cable. Now you can power it from any available USB port on the TV, without plugging it into a wall outlet.

Roku Ultra

The updated $ 100 Roku Ultra comes with notable improvements. Roku claims that Roku's top 100 channels now launch 17 percent faster and some popular live TV applications have been improved to 33 percent. Perhaps most notable is that the Ultra remote control now features two customizable shortcut buttons, which can be programmed to directly access a favorite application or streaming service, or even other useful commands such as activating or deactivating subtitles.

Roku Streaming Stick

Another change is that the exclusive $ 60 dollars Roku Streaming Stick + HE version of Best Buy comes with a headset-capable remote control for the same price as a standard Roku Streaming Stick +.

Unfortunately, Roku sticks to his weapons in his decision not to support Dolby Vision or HDR10 + on any of his independent streaming devices, although some Roku TCL TVs support Dolby Vision.


Roku Express and Roku Ultra are now available for advance orders on the company's official website. Roku Express Plus will be available at the end of September, and the rest of the devices will be on sale in October 2019.

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