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Windows 10 already allows Insider users with Android to make calls and receive them from the PC with the application 'Your Phone'

One of the great advantages that Apple always mentions with respect to Microsoft or Google is that it has the complete ecosystem. That, which often does not mean a great plus, and I speak as a user of macOS and iOS, there are times that it is much appreciated, such as those situations in which calls from your iPhone can be picked up from the laptop. This way you gain a lot of productivity, because you can do it all from the same device.

In Windows it is a function that has not been had until Samsung and Microsoft presented it at the recent Unpacked event. And the good news is that it is beginning to reach Insiders users who have installed version 19H1 (or higher) and the app 'Your Phone'. Before the end of the year Microsoft is expected to launch a kind of Service Pack for Windows 10, but not a great version as they have been October 2018 Update or May 2019 Update. The 20H1 is probably April 2020 or May 2020 Update, and maybe we'll see this function for all users.

What can you do about calls from the 'Your Phone' application

Your telephone

In the latest Microsoft post on its blog, the company has reviewed what you can do with the new function of the application 'Your Phone', and it is as expected and more:

  • You can answer incoming calls to your smartphone from the PC.
  • You can start calls from the PC using the dial pad or contact list.
  • You can reject incoming calls from the PC with personalized messages.
  • Access call history on your PC
  • Transfer calls between your PC and your smartphone.

How to receive call notifications and other apps from your mobile in Windows 10 with AirDroid

Being able to do all that, obviously, is not possible if we do not meet a series of requirements. What Microsoft asks, in a generic way is that we have a Android terminal that has Android 7.0 or higher, a Windows 10 computer and Bluetooth connectivity, a build 19H1 or higher, and the build 18362.356, launched in September 2019. You also have to install the 'Partner of Your Phone' application in the Play Store and, of course, 'Your Phone' in Windows 10 from the Store.

Microsoft is doing more for the productivity between Android and computers than Google has done

Microsoft is taking great steps to create an ecosystem of functions between Android and Windows, as it expresses all the functionality that we have commented on 'Your Phone', along with another that is very limited as the possibility of controlling your smartphone from the computer, something that we could not prove because it is only available in some Samsung terminals. Hopefully, by not asking for specific models, this functionality reaches more users much sooner.

         Windows 10 already allows Insider users with Android to make calls and receive them from the PC with the application 'Your Phone'